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Greenland Is Shrinking

Greenland, the place which the world's scientists use as a measuring device to keep up with the polar ice caps meltdown, due to global warming, has given them a shock. In their most recent measurings, they've found that, in contrast to the last findings, the rate of polar ice melting has speeded up to a terrifying degree. 
What does this mean? It means that, instead of the more manageable half-inch or so per month that the water table was rising, or so they'd thought, the actual rate is more like ten inches per month. This means that global warming has accelerated to an alarming state.
This means that the fresh water, running into the salt water, will cause the Gulf Stream to alter, placing some countries into a warm state never seen before, and others into an endless winter.
Crops and industries adapted to these former climates will suffer, water levels will cause many coastal areas to become submerged, and, of course, the world's weather will go haywire.
This, as the phrase goes, is o nly the tip of the iceberg. Greenland actually getting greener is very bad news.  Named by the Viking settlers in order to dupe others into wanting to move there, Greenland is actually the opposite.  A frozen place, it should have held the name, Iceland 2.
The true catastrophes will just be beginning, if we, the people, do not wrest control from the handful of greedy corporations who are causing all this pollution in the world, thereby, condeming us all.
Add your voice to those who seek to save the world today.

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