Mermaids - Why All The Passion ?

Mermaids - Why All the Passion ?

Mermaids are anything but cold fish.

Cold-hearted, maybe...or at least the naughty ones are reputed to be.

Never cold-blooded as far as passion is concerned, even though, as fish, we 
know them to actually have cold blood.

When we think of mermaids, we think, first, mysterious, second, seductive, 
and third, fierce, even in their affections.

We think other things too, like improbable, vain, athletic, beautiful, and 
on and on, including sweet – if you’re speaking of the Ultimate Mermaid, 
our own lovely Planet Sea, or of the EcoMermaids and EcoMermen who are doing 
all they can to save the world and every being in it, or our sweet little 
mermaids throughout EcoMermaid and our sister mermaid sites, then, you’ll 
certainly think of sweet !… See Sweet Mermaids, and see Scary Mermaids 
for the bad mergirls and merboys of the specie !

But when we remember all the ancient myths that portray mermaids as – 
well – rather forward in their lust for cute, young sailors and fishermen, 
as well as just adorable young boys they’d seen strolling along beaches, 
we think we, as the foremost mermaid advocates in the world, should seek to 
explain their behavior, if not to apologize for it and to redeem their reputations, 
even if these sluts of old would snicker at the attempt.

We modern mermaids are more civilized, but these bad girls of the sea still 
leave a lot to be sorted out in the wake of fear they’ve left behind 
in fathoms of mystery.

Far from ladies, these outright sluts of the sea thankfully for us land girls, 
have also inspired great dread and fear, otherwise, would we with legs even 
stand a chance ?

After all, their insatiable lust is legendary, as is their allure, and also, 
how could one on land escape her swain if he had carried her inland, making 
her attractive to those guys who’d like a slave-mate at home, so…let’s 
see what we know about the passionate ones :

They are basically no ladies, and are sort of Bette Davises of the waters, 
vamping and tramping it up, but never ever having to smooch up to a male.

They’re cool. They’re gangster girls without gangs, and they’re 
the hot chicks men dream about and obsess over.

We’ll investigate all the areas and states of Mermaidism in the pages 
of EcoMermaid, so dive in often and swim with us !

It’ll be a fun journey through mythic waves !

Myth Mermaid, Story Mermaid, and FairyTale Mermaid have many delicious tales 
to tell, so swim around in their seas often ! And remember – their books 
are going to be o n Book Mermaids shelves very soon !

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