Dangerous Mermaids

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Ocean - Song of the Siren

Dangerous Mermaids

Ocean's song, above, tells about one of the Dangerous types of Mermaids, and of course, Mermen are in all the categories as well.

Not only sirens that pass by one's home in the middle of the night screeching "danger!", swim into our nightmares like the memory of the actual Sirens who'd inspired the name for them, but also actualy fish-tailed mermaids who also excel in causing need for wariness.

The dangerous varieties, or should we say - breeds of mermaids are not only horrid, but scary in that way that sociopaths 
are – and that sharks are, too, and some other wild beings – in the way they can act and behave 
in a lovely, gracile fashion, in the case of sharks of sociopathic glamour, 
girls and boy sharks alike, and yet have no seeming conscience at all.

Depraved, decadent, and deliciously wicked, as villianous types, they excel in complexity and in motivation.
Not after wealth or marriage, no societal gifts interest them, they are entirely animal in their appetites, and behave like addicts in the worst throes of their obsessions.

Passionate to an extreme, they lay waste to men's bodies, and presumably, some of their souls, having ignited the men's lust in some cases.
Depending upon the tale - or, on her mood - she might seek o nly to play with him, bat him around in the water with her tremendously strong tail, as would a great crocadile- although, as we all know - mermaids and mermen are fish -  or she might want to take him down to her own lair, smitten with him for the moment.
Although we know by her capricious nature that she'll most likely tire of him soon, sometimes there are even long marriages between human and merperson.
Often, she or he, whether mermaid or merman, merely like to satisfy their lust if they see cute specimins of landlings nearby, although this will most likely kill the human due to long exposure to the watery realm.

Playful and vicious in turns, and even more frightening - often they seem single-minded in their predatory mode, like cold-eyed sharks - their motivations seem no more than temporary and fleeting wishes to stoke one desire or another.

Only their own whims matter, and the whole rest of matter is merely a vast playground for them to exercise their selfish charms – like the Republican Party chiefs, for example, although no one would take them for mermen or mermaids 
– they’re just not attractive enough !

They’re seen as universally uncaring, the scary mermaids and mermen, and play with men and women as if they were merely ornamental toys.

Fearsome in this bestial aspect, their intense beauty and legendary vanity 
and self-absorption makes them even more dangerous.

Some of the scary mermen also fall under the category of violent – 
even toward mermaids – and can be traced back to the early Sea Gods 
in this trait.

Do mermaids know how to handle mermen ? That also is subject to our on-going debates and to research into the vast reservoir of old mariners' tales going back eons into history. - and by no means are all cultures alike.

Since, of, both sexes of these far from goody-goody types, mermaids get all the bad press – don’t bad girls and women always receive the bulk of the disdain and anger from society in the human 
realm ? – we’ll talk mostly about them.

After all, unless cleaned up and made into the compassionate variety of mergoddess, like was done long ago to Mary, and to Kuan Yin, of China, the mere fact that these females are independent and powerful and live in an unseen world makes them invite unwittingly the fears and condemnation of most humans.

By far most mermaid myths engage the dangerous actions and tendencies inherent in the ownership of such powers, and their reckless endangerment of legged men.

Even walking on the shore was dangerous for a cute young man, lest he excite the vast passions of a wet and watching temptress of the sea.

For the unwary, or untutored among young men, the mermaid’s fierce 
sexuality might be enough to do him in, but her whim to take him down into her own realm would certainly drown him, anyway.

Why wait for that call from him when the mermaid can get what she wants without even being nice ?

This area of lack of etiquette, at best, was a frightening element to males 
who had, of course, subdued the land females completely – and continue 
to in most parts of life and areas of the continents – many still living 
in actual slavery to men.

Many is the wild young man, though, I suspect, whose walked alone under moonlit clouds and hoped, even if he were to be drowned, that – just once and maybe for all time – he’d get a glimpse of one, and better – 
get to lay a mermaid. Look at all the other suicidal things people do every 
day, anyway!

Instead of hot rods and drugs, I’m sure lads of old invited mermaids 
out of the waters for a thrill once upon a time.

And always will, probably !

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