Crabs - Imaginative, Agile, and Cute

Love Crabs

They�re really quite adorable, and fascinating to watch.
We Love Crabs, and even if some crabs seem less than Love Crabs, they're actually not very crabby at all!

They are lovable!

Cute, quick, and - with that jaunty sideways walk, very unique!

Sometimes, when walking along in the shallows of the sea, you might get too near a crab's little home place, and he or she might give you a tiny nip o n the toe, but that's just to say - "Hey, up there! Would you please notice me? I'm down here and I want to remind you to be careful of my home! Thanks!"
And since their little voices can't travel all the way up to our height, and since they don't have fingers, but they have precious claws they use just like fingers, they will just do a tiny little pinch to communicate with you!

So, remember, our little buddies in the sand and in the water are not o nly very intelligent and fascinating to watch and to play with - do a little dance with o ne sometime - it's fun! - but they're smart, inquisitive, and very, very busy most of the time! That's why they seem so fast! They're industrious and serious little guys, so just give them their space and like them as we do! We know they like us! And learn to Love Crabs!

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