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Winter Health and Beauty Tips

Winter Health

Winter is fun!
Even if you�re not near a white winterland, enjoy the breath of Winter 
as it visits your life!
It�s a great time to hibernate and to do the more contemplative things 
you�ve wanted to do, and to be cozy and warm, but it�s also a time to breathe in the fresh, cold air outside and to allow it to energize you! 
Winter air tends to be less polluted, so fill up those lungs! 

Several times a day, go outside and take in at least three huge breaths like this � hold your chest open, head up, and breathe in slowly through your nose, hold it for a moment, and then release it completely, squeezing it out of your 
chest along with any feelings of blues, limitation, angst, or frustration, 
and, as John Gray, suggests, fling your hands after those three breaths toward the trees or bushes, and shake your arms to rid yourself of pent-up excess 
negative emotions. 
Don�t worry! Just as the plant kingdom bestows oxygen o n us, they happily accept our energies along with the carbon dioxide we breathe out and neutralize that energy, transforming it and us, just by their nearness!
Remember to keep your trees thriving too! Find out what they need as far as watering and plant food. Keep your trees ! They're so valuable! To the planet and to you as a homeowner! It's great fun to rake the leaves, and wonderful exercise, and they make a great mulch for your flower beds too!
Trees near a house are a safety measure � they take the lightning that 
otherwise might strike your house!
They provide shade, and therefore, save energy!
They give you tons of fresh oxygen and absorb that nasty air pollution that 
otherwise would rain down o n you!
So, tree-hugging, which is, of course, a part of every Christmastime, is a 
wonderful thing to do year-round!
And buy a potted Christmas tree this year!
Then plant that tree in a reverent little ritual of your own!

We need sunshine every day!

At least twenty minutes of it, so go outside, mitten up if you must, and play 
with your dogs or bounce a ball against your house, or just run around!

Play like you used to after school, no matter what your age!

Breathe, and jump around and get your circulation going, since, as HealthMermaidtells us, bouncing and jumping and running helps our lymphatic systems to cleanse!
Meanwhile, as YouthMermaid
says, the DHEA, a youth-making hormone, that is released by exposure to the sun, along with vitamin D, will be making you 
happier � yes, it affects our mental health � more youthful (wear 
a sun-screen)- and the oxygen will energize you too!