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Get Slender Now !

And How!

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Get Slender now!


The easiest and quickest way to see great results is to Go Dairy Free!

Yes! Just this simple elimination of the gluey gooey substances called "dairy" will free your body from all kinds of fat and health issues!  And it's SO easy with all the luscious and delicious cruelty-free alternatives! Just see at your local health food store today! 

Vegans are slender!
Here are a few ideas for you (including chocolate that will keep you happy and fit) and please ask me for more!

Going vegan cures everything!
Read these 
articles.That site is wonderful, informative, truly helpful and guided only by a sincere wish to help others - affirmed by doctors and ministers alike.

As far as “grazing throughout the day” is concerned - you are either hungry for nutrients, or the parasites living inside you, including yeast overgrowth, are the ones craving the wrong things - not your own beseiged body.
Read these articles too:
Candida Information


And make sure o nly to have healthy food in the house.
As a food addict, doing the same thing alcoholics need to do applies - stay away from the source of the addiction. Avoid eating out. Avoid even driving near places you used to buy bad food from.
Buy o nly from a health food store.
Buy o nly fruits, veggies, grains, beans, (soak both overnight , then cook to transform them from starches to veggie sprouts, basically ),nuts, and seeds.
Find others as a support group in your community - look for vegans!

Also, switch from sweeteners to stevia for immediate help (recommended even for diabetics.). Breathe deeply outside many times during the day. Move around. Dance, play music and groove out. Get your metabolism working for you!

I hope you do these things! They'll heal you!

Put an assortment of herbs like this - oregano, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, rosemary, sage, and cilantro in a pot of boiled water, allow to steep for awhile, and this tea is mild and use other herbal teas as a beverage with stevia.
Stevia with water and ginger is a treat! Add Perrier for more bubbles! 
Stevia with lemon and water too is awesome! Drop all soft drinks, of course.
The herb teas will help get you into a healing mode.
Clearing of yeast overgrowth will quell your overappetite for bad things:
To start healing, many recommend getting Primal Defense and a good acidophilis, olive leaf pills,  psillium husks, and of course, a good vitamin C and a good multi, plus sub-lingual B12's and a separate B-complex - especially if you do not eat brown rice, which is loaded with B's.
Capryl is a time-released coconut derivative - coconut oil is great for you - that will keep candida at bay.

Get your body into the right PH mode, by getting testing papers too.
Fresh fruits and veggies will do the trick.
Soak brown rice overnight, and also beans. Adzukis are a complete protein, and in the grains family, the delicious Quinoa is also a complete protein!
A great meal is brown rice, beans, garlic and/or onions, Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, Bragg's Liquid Aminos ( like soy sauce), Celtic Sea Salt ( healthy addition to meals - use just a little ), herbs if you like, veggies, and/or fruits, olive oil, and even a few nuts!
(Use nuts in moderation due to fat content, but we need a few! Three almonds a day keeps cancer at bay, so say those in the know!
Add these to your diet or switch to them - even better - then add some nuts and seeds and a few sea vegetables and you'll have a natural route to healing !

Lots of people use GABA as a relaxant and sleep aid. only a tiny bit is necessary, it's non-habit-forming, is a naturally-occuring amino acid, and does not interfere with stages of natural sleep, unlike all the others.

Now for Chocolate!

Sexy Valentine's Day Vegan Chocolate Dessert Recipes!

 Vegan Chocolate Dessert Recipes

Totally awesome!
I make vegan chocolate stuff!
I get a block of dark chocolate, unsweetened, and I melt it slowly in enough water for whatever it is , then add maple syrup and/or stevia.
I make a chocolate sauce by adding more water.
chocolate soy milk by adding soy instead of water.

for Chocolate Pudding - or Mousse au Chocolat -  do the melting thing above, and mix into creamy, silky tofu!

You can add that as filling for a pie, and add delicious soy whip topping o n that!

For cake, i add that to whole grain flour - organic - then soy or rice milk, a little baking powder (buy at health food store - common supermarket variety is loaded with aluminum ), then a little oil, oil pan, and bake.

Then, ice with the top sauce, making it creamy rather than thin!

And do a little fondue thing with that simple, healthy way to eat chocolate - for Valentine's Day! 
Get handsful of fresh,  organic strawberries, raspberries, and get tiny forks and have a romantic feast with your beloved! It will be twice as romantic, knowing you're being Compassionate with your Valentine's Chocolate!

Chocolate has hormonal secrets that bring up endorphin levels - like a mood-elevator - and even helps to melt fat!

Speaking of that - buy some lecithin - and you can put it into the chocolate and water for a creamy texture - and melt your own fat in the process!

Put a small teaspoonful into your green drink vitamin dose for the day.

There are many brands of powdered vitamin supplements, and they're usually great!

Or, take in pill form and put lecithin granules in.

Use granulated everthing - avoid gel capsules - why? Made from gelatin, it collects in the kidneys and causes kidney stones over time.

Lecithin is a great supplement! It smoothes the skin, takes care of excess fat in the body and in the bloodstream, making cholesteral disappear! And it also is a major brain food, helping those with sanity issues and the elderly, plus making younger people much more intellig

Buy products that use veggie caps instead or use powdered vites!

You can choose to live a long, healthy life now! 

It's the yeast overgrowth that makes you have too much appetite, and adopting these measures - and it's so easy to Veganize! - will heal you, slimmize you and Veganizing your recipes will give you the taste you want and a healthy version of the dishes you are used to!

So start the healthy, beautiful Elimination Game today! 

First, eliminate dairy - get going with the delicious Almond Milks, Oat Milks, Coconut Milks and so on, the So Delicious Coconut Ice Cream, the Vegan Cheese and the Rice Butter! You'll see such immediate results that you'll want to go further - so..

then, eliminate the other glue caking up your arteries and tissues: eggs!

So easy to cut out the slimy grossness of eggs with great substitutes!

Then, feeling more and more sexy, hot, slender and energetic - not to mention looking fabulous and youthful - you'll want to:

Drop meat. So easy. Just try the delicious substitutes!

Then, you'll want to drop chicken, turkey and so on.

Then, you'll really love to drop fish from your habits.

You'll feel and look SO much better! You'll slenderize and healthize!

And youthize too!