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With only a flip of our Beauty Specialist's curvaceous tail, she enlightens 
the way for all of us Mermaids to be more beautiful every day !

Today's Beauty Tip

Sleeping Beauty

Although former information made us believe that having ten hours of sleep 
was the way to your best face in the morning, we now know that people who 
sleep seven hours or less live much longer.

Zzzzzzzs Matter

It's true. Deep sleep, like kids enjoy, is great for beauty, and to get the deepest, most restorative sleep, go vegan!
In addition to what we already know from scientists - that vegans live decades longer, are younger-looking, more energetic, and smarter - yes, smarter! - they also smell great! The most recent scientific reports tell us what we already knew - vegans smell great!

Earlier Beauty Mermaid Beauty Tips

Windows on Beauty

Open your window, don't use the air conditioner, or in the winter, the heater, 
as your exclusive air source. The dry, stale, stagnant air dries out the tiny 
psilliae - the little spongy parts of your lungs, and also your membranes 
- causing you to be more prone to infections and colds.

Of course, close the windows after the pesticide-spraying has occurred that 
all too often happens on regular schedules now. Call your local mosquito control
office and ask them about their policies, schedules, and ask them to avoid 
your own home - you have that right - and follow some of our Ecoizing 
policies - put up a box for bats or swallows to move into in your yard. 
They'll arrive and take care of any mosquitos around you in a natural 
way. Also, only use eco products o�n your lawn or in your flower bed. 

Your lungs feed your blood-stream and feed your beauty, so, be kind to Nature Mermaid 
and she'll be kind to you!

Breathing Beauty

Breathize. The quality of the air we all breathe is diminishing daily, due 
to pollution, so it's a great beauty and energy tip to breathe deeply outside 
to start your morning, and to do aerobic, (meaning, taking lots of air in 
- exerting your body, which thrives on vigorous physical activity, which we 
all need every day in order to cleanse the lymphatic system of collected toxins), 
exercise outside - always avoiding the midday sun, of course.

Dreamy Sleep

For those times when you would like to sleep, even if your nerves disagree, 
I like to use a safe, natural ingredient called GABA, (found at your local 
health food store, and soon offered at our own EcoSupplements section - GABA 
is a naturally-occuring amino acid found in our bodies which dwindles when 
stress is allowed to take over. It is often used even with autistic children 
to help them relax, though it is neither addictive nor does it harm the liver 
as kava kava or valerian can do, nor is it a potent hormone as is melatonin.) 
when i find that stress or over-excitement can imablance my night's rest. 
I just take either a little piece of a tablet or empty a fifth of a capsule 
into water and just that little bit makes me have the most wonderful sleep 
I've had since babyhood. Of course, sleep is the time your body uses to restore 
your whole system so it's one of the five essentials to beauty. ( In my new 
ebook, I will explain the natural and compassionate paths to beauty in full.)

To Filter or Not To Filter?

Air purifiers are sold on TV constantly now. Any air filter can help with 
perhaps only five percent of the air in a small area, according to research, 
but we think that any assistance you can give your lungs is a wise investment. 
Personally, I have found that with the Ionic type which traps mold spores, 
allergens, etc., my sleep and energy levels have improved a lot.

Evening Fruit Feast

And you don't have to tough it - just alter your eating patterns. Eat before 
five p.m. and then only consume fruit the rest of the evening, and your complextion 
will benefit, your intake of anti-oxidants from the fruit will increase, and 
your body - which can digest fruit in twenty minutes, usually, will be able 
to repair your cellular system when you sleep, rather than being over-burdened 
with undigested food inside. Then, Voila ! a more beautiful you. Also, eat 
one fruit at a sitting. Mixing the wrong fruits can make even digesting fruit 
slower - fruits are the food that we as primates were designed to digest best, 
even more easily than veggies.

If candida overgrowth is a possibility or parasites, which are factors in 
most Americans' bodies, see Candida Information for info before adding 
more fruit to your day.

Quick Digestion

The main key to beauty is the intake of only the right foods. The building 
blocks of beauty and the fuel we use for energy are best found in a vegan 
diet. if we Veganize, that is, eat only what our bodies were intended to eat 
- fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, and include sprouts, eat many raw veggies 
and lots of either filtered or, preferably, distilled water, exercise, add 
fresh air, some sun but away from the midday, then we will Beautifize to the 
maximum potential, extend our lives, Compassionize, and be happy as a result. 
For quick digestion, which allows the body to work o�n beautifying you, eat 
vegan foods only and your body will transform. All the energy you now use 
to digest, all the time, all the nutrients needed just to get that sludge 
out of your system, can be devoted to making you your most beautiful you !

Knowledge is Beauty

Brains are beautiful. 
The most desirable women keep their brains fed.
Without something in your head, your eyes will not ignite his ardor. Make 
sure to stoke the fire in your mind with everyday interests just for you. 
You'll be more confidant and that alone will make you more alluring. 
So, keep it alive and inviting, the hot part under the skin-deep countenance, 
and give him something he�ll want to warm up next to. 

And ,learning, reading, and being involved with brainy pursuits will make you 
more attuned to your own life and that makes you exciting, so, stoke that 
furnace under your hairdo -  if you have something to say, he'll 
remember you the next day.

Brainy Beauties also have it all over the competition for the mere fact that 
they go about their healthizing and beautifizing ina logical, productive way.

Not all have perfect features, but all can be hot, hot, hot !

Your brain is your best ally in the quest for happiness, beauty, and success.

Respect it and do us all a favor - never, never play dumb !

No man wants a dummy for more than an hour, after all.

And everyone adores a partner who is involved with saving the planet, so go 
DActivist and participate today !

For more ammo for your beauty arsenal - who doesn't want to be The Bombshell ? - keep up with our Beauty Mermaid Tips, and together we will create a more 
beautiful you ! Like the legendary Mermaid symbol of beauty, you will become 
an object of allure.

Our Eco Cosmetics line, including Eco Makeup, will arrive very soon, so for 
the purest, most healthy cosmetics - manufactured from completely vegan sources
and never tested o�n animals - plus made by duly compensated adult, elective workers in the most 
eco-friendly ways, swim back and acquire our exclusive line, including the 
most elusive fragrance on the Planet, Sea.

also coming soon, our own Beauty Mermaid's ebook o�n how to be more beautiful 
in every way !

And  watch for our own Eco Supplements and EcoVitamins  coming 
soon !

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