Charisma - How To Charismatize


What is charisma?
Charisma is that unknown quantity that seperates the stars from the rest, that draws like a magnet, and which sets apart.
It can neither be bestowed (except by God, of course) or chosen.
It's something that is in a person's, or an individual of another species, genetic code.�It's obvious from birth.
Some have it, and some don't.
I believe, though, that it can be acquired, or rather, inspired.Inspire meaning to be gifted by God, really - to have grace extended.
As haloes are said to grow o�n those who do good works, so, too, does charisma.
it seems to have something to do with what we call auras, which are, probably, what the sages and saints of old meant by haloes.The more a person cultivates the good in him or her, the more the aura glows.
The more the aura glows, the more charisma the person has.It's directly related to the spirit - becoming compassionate, becoming vegan, easily confers a spiritual glow to someone, and it's enhanced by the vigor and energy a person has who's body had been sluggish and plugged up with coarse waste and toxins - the products of cruelty foods - and whose body, veganized, becomes pure and light, causing more Light to flow through it!

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