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                     'Start with compassion and only good will follow. 
Start from your heart.'
                                                                              - Ocean 

Vegan Beauty, Actress Natalie Portman

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We have started our article on beauty with the above quote from our EcoMermaid spokesperson, Ocean. She is not o nly an acclaimed musician, but a vegan not for beauty's sake, but for the sake of helpless animals.

Beauty is in the grasp of everyone.
It is often bottled, sold, promoted as a gift from a surgeon's knife, or one simply bestowed upon those descending from the correct genetic lineage.
More than in the eye of the beholder, beauty is actually in the eye of the one beheld.
Beauty is a great mystery.
Beauty is seen in any evening's sunset, in the gnarled faces of old Buddhist monks, as well as in the velvet muzzles of newborn foals.
Beauty is as apparent as the nose o n a model's face, but the componenets, the reasons, why are elusive.
The standards of beauty change with every generation, like a fad.
What might please the eye in one century will offend the eyes of another.
The zaftig women of the nineteenth century are at times in popularity again. The 20's boyishness of sylphlike, pre-teen slenderness for women was seen again in Twiggy in the 60's, and today, in Callista Flockhart. The silicone silhouettes of the eighties and nineties are already looking rather passe.
Fashion, the machinations and manipulations of tastes, come and go, ebb and flow.
True beauty does not change, nor does it fade with time.
True beauty begins in the soul. Yes, in the inside.
To start from your heart, allow your feelings of compassion for all helpless beings, for all those who cannot speak for themselves, to come through you.
From that compassion, you will see that to 
eat flesh foods, and foods which have been forced out of imprisoned and abused 
animals, their lives stolen, their bodies brutalized and murdered, is simply 
wrong - very,very wrong. Inside o ne's soul, the guilt felt over the spilling of 
innocent beings' blood- completely unnecessarily, since obviously we have plenty of plant-based, superior food sources- works inside throughout o ne's life and is certainly a factor in unhappiness and unhealthiness. Sickness of soul precedes that of the body.
From wrong-doing, only ill health can follow. To make of one's stomach a graveyard for dead bodies can only bring sickness and poisoning to the whole body.

To follow one's heart, to lead with compassion will take you on a wonderful path to Vegetarianize and preferably Veganize .
From the inner glow which springs from a kind heart, from knowing that you have ,with every day you live, saved lives of innocent creatures .your own health will increase. From your renewed, restored health,and beauty will be born.
Every person will become his or her very most beautiful self when o­n a vegan diet.
Long lives, healthy, vital, active, able-bodied lives, will ensue.
Beauty comes from beauty of the soul.

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Please follow these links to learn more about becoming vegan, and remember, some people will take little steps at first, but the important thing is to start now - go in the right direction. 
Degrees matter. Even making one day a week your 'kindness day' will save many, many lives. And soon, as you see how beautiful you look and how magnificent you feel, you'll want to Veganize always.




How to be more beautiful. this is perhaps the major quest, save that of how to be more healthy, for all human beings.
In fact, the quest to be more healthy - to healthize - is exactly the same as that to be more beautiful - to beautifize!
It's that simple!
And to become vegan, to veganize, is the way to both beauty and to health.

To make a complex issue more simple, let us take for example a little creature, much like ourselves, like, for instance, a shrimp.
We have all seen that their digestive systems are very simple, and mostly visible. food goes from his mouth through his digestive line, his intestines, and through, after absorption, to be excreted from the other end.
this is, basically, how most creatures, including us, operate, how we function as nutrient-absorbing and self-cleansing organisms.
After feeding, our food goes down through the same type of pipe, but in our case, our systems wind around and around in a complex rope of intestines, making absorption of nutrients not quite as easy as for our little brother, the shrimp.
In fact, if we eat the food our bodies were designed to eat, i.e., vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds, then the food would slide through, unimpeded, easily making its' natural journey through us, and the excess, the bulky materials of fibrous matter would then exit naturally.
Most of us do not feed our bodies what they want.
Most of us unknowingly clog our systems, by eating food which neither nourishes us nor contributes to our health. in fact, most of this processed and unnatural food is actually poisonous to us, and creates a gluey mess inside our intestines, causing not o nly blockages, deformed shapes to the bursting pipes inside us, but stopping the flow so that rather than cleansing our systems, the resulting blockages and sewage spews out bacteria and parasites into our bloodstream.
A roto-rooter-type cleaning is required to heal this monstrous, disease-causing situation, and that can o nly be found by converting to the healthy diet nature had programmed our bodies to consume, which is the 'Genesis' diet, that which is spelled out not o nly in the Bible, but that which is promoted by many healing and health-benefitting dietery and nutritional systems in the world.

It calls for eating o nly what comes naturally to our bodies. by eating o nly fruit and vegetables, supplemented with small amounts of water-soaked seeds and nuts, and plenty of clear, clean, pure water, our inner systems will not o nly cleanse and heal themselves, by having not o nly the input of real nutrients, but by the cessation of daily toxic barrages due to bad food. 

Some health factors we cannot always control, like air pollution,(until we as people decide to exercise our ballot-power and tell our representatives that we'd like a clean, safe, planet). We can all obtain clean water by using distilled or filtered processes. we can all improve our lives by exercising more, by practicing deep breathing, and by simply learning how to relax.

By going all the way, and deciding to 
Veganize, you will find the most beautiful, radiant you. If you go by degrees, then even the most minimal changes will benefit you. By taking o ne day a week and just trying vegetarian meals, or by just having fruit for dinner, you will see the benefits, and you feel them.
By eating your last meal of the day before 5:00 p.m., your body will have time to assimilate what it has consumed, and just this small step will help you to lose weight. See 
Slimmize .
By substituting either just vegetables or fruits for dinner every night, you'll lose even more, and by doing that for two meals a day, you'll be stunned by your great appearance. 
Whether you seek to lose weight, or just to be more healthy, these measures will do your body, and your looks, favors that your mirror will kiss you for !
By being kinder to animals, and the world, by eating foods which benefit you, as well as every being on our Sea Planet, you will Beautifize not o nly your body, but also your soul !

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And - if you want to keep your bellies flat and save the world at the same time, stay off the ranks of the selfish ones who breed while countless orphans are starving - you will not only save your looks, you might possibly save your life ! And your marriage or partnership ! Also, if you want to stay a youthful hot chick or dude, with freedom and disposable income, stay child-free.
Those pregnant and mothery celebs in the media, promoting rampant breeding all have maids and trainers, anyway, and they work very,very hard to get back in shape and will have to work that hard their whole lives just to stay in shape. Pregnancy and nursing do things to your body which can never, ever be undone. AND - to your sex life. They don't make a point of informing girls what the vagina and labia will become flacid and have less feeling after childbirth. Let's face it, just from the beauty angle, if you don't have a ton of money and constant life income, your future won't be shaped that way if you choose to have kids.
There are, thankfully, in our time, way better alternatives ! 

And - did you know that pregnancy and child-bearing pose great risks not only to your health and beauty and finances and spirit, but it is downright dangerous? Dangerous to your survival, dangerous to your relationship and dangerous for the planet in general ? Thinking of having a baby ? Read 
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Let the love in you prevail, let your true self shine !
Read through the system of renewal contained in these and all the articles on 
Eco ArticlesHealthize, and the o nes listed below and - Mermaidize today !

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