Eco Mermaid Awards

We love to applaud our Eco Heroes at EcoMermaid, and our Eco Heroines.

We also love to give references to great green products, so we have not only 
awards for EcoAngels, but also for products we like.

Eco Icon

This coveted lifetime-achievement award honors those who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of animals, the environment, and to protecting and serving the planet as a whole.

Eco Hero

Eco Heroine

Each month, we spotlight either an EcoHero or an EcoHeroine to honor as well as our Eco Celebs

We would like to invite all of your EcoMermaids, EcoMermen and MerKids - nominate your candidates for EcoAchiever -
send in your own nominations for these coveted awards to

Green Mermaid

Green Merman

Green Merman and Green Mermaid are the product awards we offer to outstanding 
eco and green products. We also would like for all of you to swim by and nominate 
your favorite products.

Ultimate Mermaid

Annually, we award our beautiful UltimateMermaid statuette to the very most 
heroic EcoAchiever of the year.

The UltimateMermaid , of course, represents our planet, Sea, herself.

planet sea

We know she is delighted to bestow her highest honors on one of her most acclaimed 
protectors each year.

You will all get a chance to vote for your favorite EcoHero or EcoHeroine, and EcoAchiever for the MerKids -
and we anxiously await your nominations for these awards throughout the year.

Eco Angels

EcoAngels are others cited for bravery, compassion, and achievements toward 
saving our world. EcoAngels also refers to those who donate time, effort, 
and funding toward this aim.

Eco Achievers

Our EcoAchievers award is reserved for MerKids. Although they are also qualified 
for the other awards, this badge of honor is o ne we bestow o n MerKids who 
have made steps toward saving the planet, and whom we know will continue to 
honor our world, its' people, all animals, plants, and places.


We are especially proud of our army in the field of animal protection, our 
kids and adults who choose to join our ranks in the noble cause. Each recuit 
gets to download our sticker badge, and to wear it, place it o n their schoolbooks, 
or lockers, and to invite others to join up! Enlist today!

And - when you're helping animals and our environment, we invite you to save our Eco Angels Badge, above, and the Army4Animals Badge, and display them proudly !