Hunting Fix - The Cure For Hunting - It's A Mental Disorder


What�s the fix for hunting ?

Intelligence, balls,(or eggs), and truth.

A fix is a cure.

We�ve already put the fix o n what it is and why it happens � in 
the previous articles, HuntFix, Hunters are Serial Killers and Weenies with 

The cure is to realize that hunting is hatred, not sport, and that it�s 
fuelled with fear, not courage, and that manliness is protectiveness, not 

The cure is to realize that it takes real balls to realize that the world 
is not your great-great grandfather�s world any more, that no o ne needs 
to hunt to eat, that gunning down the few remaining defenseless wild creatures 
is itself already a canned hunt due to the microscopically-small wild places 
even left for them to hide in, and that real men and women are starting to 
protect wildlife.

There�s no sport in hunting any more.

They�re all set up by pros and the odds have been eliminated.

If you wanted a reason to hunt � too late � they�re all 
gone now.

The world is an empty relic of what it used to be.

Grow some balls � or eggs � and start to face reality.

Even go against your old man or old lady or bunch of old reject pals and start 
to be a real hero for a change.

A camera is the o nly tool you need to hunt with.

If you must target-shoot � then get a tin can and put it o n a fence 
� it works wonderfully.

Or learn to skeet-shoot.

It takes something most hunters will never know about � skill.

Or go to a range and shoot your heart out, but don�t use weaponry against 
an innocent being.

The times have changed.

Go with the flow and let the soul inside you expand.

Be a real hero.


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