Hunters Are Serial Killers, Bullies Who Are Too Afraid To Take On Someone Their Own Size


Hunters are Serial Killers

Think about it.

What are serial killers famous for ?

For sneakiness. Stalking. Hiding and watching. And for killing over and over 

For following an unsuspecting victim using surveillance and other devices 
and then killing them.

It�s well known that hunters supply the main mass of serial killers 
who kill humans.

Also, soldiers are trained as killers of men and supply even more.

A child�s natural urge to love and protect is consciously tortured and 
twisted, often by ridicule and threats by � all too often � its� 
own parent � into an evilly-directed aim to kill innocent and helpless 
animals who have absolutely no chance to get away, let alone to fight back.

It�s not as if today�s fat and bloated hunters who lie o n their 
beer bellies and wait for someone to release captive ducks, for instance, 
or captive exotic animals into a ring would know anything about the ways of 

Not that the handfuls of hunters who still employ old methods like Bowie knives 
or spears have much more honor, but at least they even the odds for the victim 

At least they display something close to courage at times.

But they do not need to hunt either to prove prowess with a weapon � 
skeet-shooting and target practice are easily attained for that � or 
to fill their stomachs.

Long ago, eating was a necessity o nly met in winter by hunting, of course, 
after our kind had ventured far North, away from the verdant areas with adequate 
year-round fruit and other vegetable foods.

Then they began to eat like vultures and other carrion � dead, rotting 
flesh � eaters do, perverting the human body into having to digest something 
so foul and disgusting that it was not built to consume and bringing widespread 
disease with it. We see it today even more.

The need for killing has long since been lost in history.

What kind of person would call killing a recreational sport ?

What kind of people are we allowing to walk among us ? And even to be among 
those who lead us ?

Do you really want, say, as your doctor or pastor or president someone who 
can coldly look through the eye-piece in his gun and shoot a pathetic deer 
who must come to a stream in order just to get a drink of water ?

What honor is in that ? What kind of morals ? Of values ?

While looking into the softest, large brown eyes fringed with thick lashes 
anyone has ever seen � to shoot an utterly defenseless and benign and 
graceful being who is vegan, who never would harm another soul for any reason 
� what kind of cruel person does this take ?

If we stopped the sale of guns, say, despite the protests of the so-called 
freedom-mongering people who say that otherwise the government would take 
over, how many lives of humans would be spared every year ? Many, many, many.

Can you see a body of people who supposedly seek to fight the government being 
able to with a bunch of hunting rifles and handguns ?

It�s a ludicrous argument and o nly made by the hunters in our midst 
who seek to continue to kill the innocent beings among us and who continue 
to enable drug and gang violence in our country along with the children who 
are victims.

These hunters care not a bit for the welfare of society or for victims of 
any kind.

They tend to be conservative, even reactionary, and want to protect their 
right to bear arms in order to be killers � that�s all.

The cowardly, sneaky, and hateful among us convert their anger of women and 
of children, especially, as any psychiatrist will affirm, into killing innocent 

This hatred, stoked, continues and grows.

Far from being vented � it increases.

One reason society has tolerated it � and porno � is that they 
misguidedly believe that they are ways to vent violence and improper excesses 
of sexuality.

Not true.

What the attention is placed o n increases.

They create worse people. They create more serious killers, as in hunting, 
and sex addicts, as in porno.

They allow the worst people of all to bear guns against all the rest.

When are we going to take the collective power of the people and stop this 
violence ?

Ask yourself that question next time you drive by a �sports� store.

And then research who the government candidates are that will support a ban 
on owning guns and vote for them.

Take your money away from stores that sell guns.

Tell them why.

Take your business � yes, business � away from churches and temples 
that have preachers or officials who hunt or who condone weaponry.

Boycott industries that promote violence and teach your children to love all 
people and all other animals.

This world must change.

We must change it.

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