Weenies With Guns - Only Wimps Hunt - Pick On Someone Your Own Size


You Know.The cartoon featuring Elmer Fudd ? Warner Bros. Fudd wielding a big shotgun aimed at Bugs Bunny � the silly small-man-complexed, tongue-tied villainous angry little m.f. is what they all are inside � all hunters.

And yet they�re not to be laughed at. 

Probably were as kids � couldn�t measure up somehow � so 
they now dare others to laugh at them.

A man with a gun � substitute penis � like a guy with a sports 
car � as ridiculous as they are � are menacing and threaten violence 
by their very intent � toward all people, and not just toward all other 

Add to this :

Men who hunt in our country,in this age,are usually of  two types :

Good �ole boys who maybe had to or were raised by those who had had 
to hunt to live in the backwoods, who were trained to be numb and to combine what they are told is pleasure with practical necessity and tradition.

Or Yupped-out preps , the products of decadence, whose o nly outlet for the 
�supposed� masculinity expressions ,since they�ve never 
been in a real fist-fight, or any other even match, nor do they aspire to, instead sublimate their aggressions and attempt to impress their buddies as in a prolonged pre-adolescence, via the pack-mentality-driven, the compassion-squashing outlet of organized hunting parties.

The initiation rites of young boys must be horriffic into this so-called �sport�.

The odds are always entirely unfair, and almost no o ne hunts without a weapon.

Long gone are either the days when someone would need to eat from hunting, 
or any sort of fairness in this �game� of murderous intent.

To match a operson against another animal of another specie is as blatantly 
cruel and barbarous as were the hunting of stone-aged people enjoyed by just 
such persons o nly fifty years ago in some regions.

So many wars were fought by trained and well-armed militia against tribal 
peoples with o nly bows and arrows or less, that I wonder that the history 
books can dare to call these wars �won� by the imperalistic powers.

And then, there�s the psychological componenet.

To pull a trigger, looking into the helpless eyes of a defenseless being - be it human or another animal - requires the ruthless sublimation of o ne�s natural heart. Far from requiring guts, as the old tell the young-in-training for becoming killers, no � 
it requires o nly cruelty.

Guts and cruelty would be required if there were even odds.

It requires such coarseness of being that to walk among hunters should give 
a sane person cause to wonder about the ability to slide in and out of insanity 
they must acquire in order to fulfill this werid ritual of death.

The obvious projection such men engage in is via the rage they feel against 
another helpless, smaller being � the human female and /or the human child.

Standing in our societies for the yin values of caompassion, weakness, smallness, 
softness, they, females and children and other animals hunted, are the underdogs.

Any idea of true masculinity would instead include the desire to protect the 

By sublimating both their rage at the control o nce weilded by their mothers  the rage they often feel toward females and children they either cnanot have or cannot 
control, and the native fear humans have of the wilderness and wild animals, 
hunters wilfully direct these primal emotions toward the truly helpless of 
the world � animals. In an unfair advantage that is a foregone conclusion, 
given the weaponry of today.

There is no honor, no sport in hunting.

Particularly today, when our widlife is scavenging for dear life,in regions 
now devoid of cover, exposed, their numbers dwindling, beseiged by pollution, 
by nature, and mostly by encroaching developments, by speeding traffic o n 
every-expanding roads and arteries, by unpredictable weather swings directly 
caused by humans� suicidal o nslaughts against our own planetary home.

Native intelligence would tell us that the time for such inane activities 
is over.

Instead, the most hideous creation of �canned� hunts has appeared 
to allow these ruthless and soulles individuals easy access to toothless old 
zoo animals, turned out of their lifetime homes by younger, sleeker ,more 
entertaining youngster display animals and sold at a bargain to people who 
crate them, surround them by pick-up trucks, prod them out of the cages they�re 
so terrified of being ousted from, and shoot them in close range for no other 
reason than the vicious natures of their own whims and perhaps for a stuffed 
head in the panelled dens of their trailers.

Women almost universally condemn these actions. Women with children even 
more so. They can feel that the real hatred is directed toward parents, wives, and children - that the families of these men are who they really want to kill.

Often women put up with such behaviour in their mates because they cannot find 
a better male.

Often, women put up with much in order to keep the husband or father to their 
children, and maybe like the outlet of excess anger as a handy way to get 
a scowling man out of the house for awhile.

What do you suppose these same men often indulge in while o n supposed hunting 
and fishing trips?

I know of o ne guy who would find real fishermen, don a camouflage jacket for 
a moment, hold up the catch, and get someone to take his photo as proof of 
where he�d been, when he�d actually been whoring in another state.

Often these boys� outings, this machoism, demands outrageous behaviour 
in other forms as well as in hunting.

Like a high-school clique, like a club, these men�s activities can be 
well served without hunting, away from cruelty.

They can still gang together, drink too much, get away from the womenfolk 
and children, and be truly masculine, while finding real sport in another 

Real men, after all, are protective of the weak and of the innocent by definition, 
not out to get them.

These weeines don't have the balls to confront the real problems in their lives - the real relationship hassles and predicaments they've gotten themselves into. They don't have the balls or intelligence to change things - to break with tradition or with institutions
or with the packs they run with and to think for themselves.

If they did, they'd be real men. And they'd want to protect and to help the helpless.

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