Of Whales and Fairytales

Of Whales and Fairytales

    Article by Ocean

We all love fairytales !

Everyone grew up,with fairytales, whether in the Kalahari around a cozy campfire, or snuggled up against a Grandpa in a rocker in Cincinnati, or inside a warm, candle-lit igloo.

But does this differentiate humans from all our other brother species of 

Most certainly not.

A big 'if' exists though, to most people, and this too may fall by the wayside 
as we seek to understand the language of the whales, who might very well spin 
tales of historical giants and diminuiive whale chicks among their long and 
distant communications.

Don't you feel that whales hover far below the surface o n moonlit nights, 
the little whales snuggled closely against their mommies, the teenaged whales 
giggling in their low, low voices, and the WhaleTeller beginning in his deep 
growling tones to sing the long histories of the whales to the young generations 
as all listen in rapt attention ?

Don't you know they also tell tales of mythic splendor? Of heroic deeds ? Of kind and huge and amazing whale epics from time immemorial ? About faraway 
seas where whales once lived in safety and happiness, and of dreamy whale 
courtships and love and honor, of rescues whales have volunteered to the human race?

Of course they do !

Of course, among those enchanting whale songs there are many, many fairytales, and many poetic ramblings as love-struck whale swains woo their intendeds and as beautiful whale- maidens listen coyly, their dainty fins holding their chins in just that angle of coquettishness .. don't you just know it ?

Think of all other species as you know our own to be. In fact, as scientists 
declare, we share almost every strand of DNA with all our fellow species on 
the planet, and they must go all the way down into the microscopic level to 
find species that differ at all from us - into the petree-dish worlds 
of yeasts and bacteria. Otherwise, we are all alike.

We all feel, love, emote. We all save, advise, teach, preach, defend, and 
think. We dream and wish and hope. And I'm very sure we all pray. Yes, 
of course whales, with their enormously evolved brains, their enormous hearts 
full of love and wisdom - they certainly pray and honor our Creator.
Don't you think we should all start honoring them now ?

They've enthralled us with their beauty, saved our lives at sea, communicated 
with us and entrances us with their love songs, have looked into our scant 
souls with their huge eyes full of wisdom for all these long ages.

Now go to these sites and send some of their love back to them -

And here - please send your origami whales to Peggy Oki, who's 
going to take a huge whale origami curtain to the whalers' meeting in 
St. Kitts Island in June.

Here's how to make an origami whale - use any paper you have on 
hand - it's OK!

And send them in today!

Or at least, go here and add your signature to petitions to save their lives.

Remember, our biggest brothers and sisters need you. Send some love today !

By the way, did you know that dolphins and porpoises are whales too ? And that all whales are mammals just like you ? Yes, they breathe air, are warm-blooded, and bear live young. They also speak their own languages and even communicate with us, love, play, and do good deeds. Click on the beautiful whale picture and help whales now !