Turtles - Majestic, Interested and Interesting

Turtles and Tortoises

We all love them!

Turtles and tortoises are among the most exquisitely beautifully, intelligent, and amazing animals on Earth!

From the giant mesmerizing sea turtles to the giant land tortoises who live hundreds of years, looking into the knowing eyes of these amazing beings is like looking into the face of God.  Evolved eons ago in such a perfect way that they've kept the same design since far distant ages past.

The current commercial where two charming married tortoises are dining together are so popular because turtles are such engaging beings no matter what!

We all love the water turtles who have big paddle hands and lay their eggs on beaches under full moons, and the tiny little painted o
nes we spy sometimes along lake sides, and the ones we see to often in kids' bedrooms.

Avoid having one as a pet, since if we stop buying them, the companies that cruelly supply them will have to stop - the truth is that so many die in transport due to the horrible way they ship them and the lack of water or sustenance that these evil people just don't care.

We do, though, and here are some great petitions to sign to help turtles today!

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