The Dignity Of Animals

The Dignity of Animals 

                                                                by Ocean

Majesty. Dignity.

It is so easy to see in the faces of the magnificent Bulls, above, along with their confusion about why our species would do such things to them. 
These are the qualities also seen in all wild beings.
It's easy to see in, say, a whale.

It's there in all creatures, including humans.
Look at the lovely photo of these ravens, enjoying a quiet moment 

alone as 
they gaze at the late afternoon sun in a cloudless sky.

See the face of the lemur to the left.
Too often, in the human quest to continually prove his superiority and apartness from the other animals, we choose to see them as comical - even as stupid.

They're not either one of these imposed qualities, although all animals 
share a sense of fun and humor.

They all have the very same qualities humans do.
They all have moods.
They're not around to entertain us.

They're on the planet to live as well as they can - just as we 

Remember to see the beauty in all beings, despite what some moronic television personality says. We heard one creep say that warthogs aren't beautiful. 
Says who ? They're gorgeous - and frankly, compared with that 
person - way more gorgeous than he'll ever be.

Remember to enlighten people when they make stupid comments or judgements 
about members of other species or of our own.

First of all - beauty comes in all different details and forms - 
and secondly - yes, it is in the beholder - if you can see beauty 
all around you, you, too, are capable of being beautiful.

Otherwise, the ugliness inside you will climb out of you and you'll 
end up with the face you deserve eventually. 

People who thrive on ridicule and egocentrism are not only shallow, they're 
deeply unattractive.

Remember - not only eagles are dignified. After all, they chose eagles 
as our country's symbol - and eagles are carrion-eaters, members 
of the vulture family - against Jefferson's more sane choice of 
the wild turkey, due to that breed's pure Americanism and due to noble 
qualities the eagle does not possess, as grand as they look.

They chose the eagle for that look of majesty and the striking coloration 
of his plumage. Sad to choose a symbol that the old monarchies in 
Europe that we had escaped use that symbol and Americans
adopted it.

But turkeys, monkeys, chickens, pigs, and yes, warthogs, all have a beauty, 
a grace, a dignity and majesty all their own.

The most beautiful among us see it in them too.

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