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Strays, lost or abandoned, homeless animals, are the sad-eyed and scared 
ones we all see running through alleyways, scrounging in garbage-areas, or 
wandering at night through empty parking lots, hoping they might find a discarded 
bit of food, and hoping someone will just allow them to be there, unmolested, 
as they try just to survive.

They are unsheltered against the weather, find it difficult even to find clean 
water to drink, and almost never find good food. In cats, it is rare for a 
feral to live to see two years.

In dogs, it can be much faster.

This is the sad mass of those brought into shelters by the officers of Animal 
Control bureaus.

Recently, we heard that the gov. of California, the heartless Schwartzenegger, 
has cut funding to the animal shelters. How? He has shrunk the three-day wait 
time down to just o ne day, giving pet owners just a few hours to even notice 
their pets are missing, and hardly enough time to save their lives.

This gives the already unfortunate strays almost no time to look their best, 
and to stand up in the little cages and attempt to charm the would-be adopters 
enough to get them to offer them homes .

It is barbarous and selfish to an extreme low even the heartless and rapaciously 
greedy Rebpublicans should be ashamed to descend to

While countless EcoAngels volunteer time to already over-crowded and needy 
shelters, and others seek to place these sad victims of human failings, and 
still others, the o nes who go out into the field and volunteer their hours 
every day in order to feed and improve the condition of these little outcasts, 
to have the smug, wealthy and feelingless people like them to take away from 
even the feeble resources left to them - this is just evil!

To StrayFix is to tend, to help, to donate, and to find ways to be kind to 
these homeless and innocent dogs and cats.

The EcoHeroes and EcoHeroines on the frontline of fixing strays are the brave 
and kind souls who are seen in every community of the world, out early, winter 
or summer, feeding ferals and strays, and finding ways to safely trap them, 
take them in to vets' offices, and get them neutered or spayed.

Sometimes they are the people who end up, in their kind-heartedness, adopting 
so many strays that they are then known by their neighbors as ,'the cat man', 
or 'the dog lady'. Despite the horrible TV shows that depict these people as "collectors", they are, in fact, heroic rescuers, who are attempting to save as many innocent lives as they possibly can, and by far most treat the pets in their care very well and give them quality of life - a life they would not have otherwise.

If you know of a rescuer in your area, offer to help. Donate time to help him or her care for them, and set up a website to help them locate homes for their babies.

Many of us at volunteer time at wildlife centers, or animal shelters, 
and help to rescue animals in other ways, including donating money and blankets 
and towels.

We can all find enriching ways to help!

The time you give to the helpless is the most joyous time you'll ever spend.

Try it! You'll see what we mean!



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