Stop Breeders Now !

Stop Breeders

Millions of unscrupulous people make money off the misery of helpless animals 
by breeding them, usually in filthy and cramped conditions, for sale. 

Please go here now and send and email to help save untold misery of countless tiny, baby puppies and kittens and other helpless animals now and their otherwise hopeless mommies, held in cramped, cold and/or hot cages where flies and mosquitoes can beseige them night and day along with fleas and other parasites and they cannot even turn around !

We'd like to say this does not apply to the U.S., but it does. However, 
some heroic counties in America have taken action against this vile practice 
by creating a license which breeders must buy in order to operate in this 
way !

The expense of the license, and checking by agents, makes this a rare practice, 
discouraging the breeders from continuing.

Please join with us to send a simple, easy email to your local Representative, adding your voice to the growing movement demanding that all breeders be licensed here.

Save all of the lives of the countless dogs and cats who are killed every 
day in shelters while these amoral breeders have brought more into the world.

Save yourself countless tax dollars as less unwanted pets are born. Oh, yes, 
we pay for the shelters to operate as concentration camps leading usually 
to death for helpless beings.

Why stop breeding ? See

Urge everyone you know to get their own pets fixed. By every pet being fixed, 
we can save the lives of unwanted pets, most of whom will suffer and eventually 
be killed. 

See low-cost spay and neutering search 

Already in some counties in California and Montana and in other states, licensing for breeders has become mandatory. Breeders should be compelled to pay large fees and to meet other criteria, including passing random inspections. This is only common sense.
Arrest these lazy people who use helpless babies to finance their sloth.
Create laws in every state to ban breeders.

Euthanasia is a tragic process that pet owners could avoid
October 08, 2006 - Posted at 12:00 a.m. 
Two puppies - a sweet-faced black Lab and a Doberman mix - whimpered just before they were injected Friday morning with a deadly chemical. Their whimpers were different from their cries for attention Thursday afternoon from their Victoria City-County Animal Shelter cage. 
On Friday, the black Lab cried, whined and trembled, scared, perhaps, because she'd just seen the limp, dead body of the Doberman mix she'd lived with returned to an adjacent cage - and maybe she knew her turn was next.

But she didn't fight animal control employees, or even wriggle. She just whimpered.

Just the day before, that sad and lonely-looking Lab cried and woofed from behind her chain-link door, jumping and panting and reaching for passing people. When she was petted from inside her cage, her tail wagged, her eyes brightened and her clumsy paws gripped a man's lower leg.

"Don't leave me," her actions seemed to say. "I'll be good. I'll love you, I promise."

But she won't have the chance to love an owner. Neither will the Doberman, who licked and kissed an animal control employee even as the woman euthanized her.

The dogs were two of about 10 puppies and dogs - and 10 kittens and cats - that were euthanized Friday, just a fraction of the nearly 4,000 that have been killed at the shelter since January.

After being injected, the Lab's eyes glazed over. When her heart stopped beating, shelter employees took both dogs to the incinerator.