Sea Birds

Glorious, wind-soaring, water-diving, underwater-swimming marvels, sea birds 
must the the favorites of God.

Who else can fly in the air, swim in the water, and walk on land ?

How beautiful and plaintively passionate the calls of seagulls are. How empty 
would be our experience at the shore without their presence - and what 
about the vision of pre-historic avaiation and deep wisdom that a glimpse 
of pelicans can bring ?

So enormous and yet so graceful - have you seen them fly in formation ? 
At sunset, often they'll dip up and down, in perfect co-oridnation, 
all in a row, perhaps four - a double-dating couple, as they glide on 
the late afternoon winds, going home toward their night-time perches.

And what of the tiny sandpipers ? And the geese ? And the ducks, of course ?

And the real mermaids and mermen of the sea - the grebes and cormorants - 
so sleek and fine-boned that they are actually flexible and so much a part 
of the sea that they'
re almost a part of the waves, turning almost into fluidity as they swim.

Alas, the seagulls have had to move inland, due to the emptiness of the seas. 
We humans have polluted the oceans and over-fished to an extent that now too 
many of our beaches are void of the voices of the seagulls.

The grebes have been the subjects of researches into mass starvation, and 
the o nes who�ve survived have often had to be brought in for cleaning 
� the oil leaks cake black grease o nto their wings, and o nly by being 
taken into wildlife experts do they stand a chance any more.

We are saddened to have to speak of the wild ducks, whose strategies and intelligence are impressive, and yet the proliferation of men with guns who think that murdering for fun can somehow make them macho have made their lives hell. See HuntFix.

The geese - those moving harbingers of seasonal change, flying in perfect 
V's up and down the continents - taking our hearts with them as 
they fly. A view of geese is enough to make your soul well up in tearful adoration.

To think of the plight these geniuses of the elements face now is to weep. 
So intelligent, some have had their caucuses - the leading birds deciding 
in their experience that it might be more prudent to give up their thousands-of-miles migrations and tough out a winter - as in the geese's 
case - and what did the government do ? For they'd had to winter 
in America - the Republicans decided to take cruel advantage of these 
geese who, after millions of years - for the first time, knowing that 
now there was nowhere to go where they could find enough food, find a safe 
place to lay their eggs, find sustenance along the way - these great 
birds were taken advantage of.

Their tragedy of not being any longer able to migrate was turned into a massacre.

They were all killed - culled, shot by hunters.

The eldest geese - the ones who'd first accompanied their own elders 
and now had the responsibility to lead the younger ones, had had no real choice 
to make. Their former stopping places, the lakes along the way, had either 
become too dangerous because of the many, many hunters now, and partly due 
to pollution too, but human overpopulation, over-development of formerly wild 
areas, and encroachment o n everything a wild animal needs accounted for this 
lack of choice which led to their deaths at the hands of callous, unfeeling 
people, like the Repulblicans.

Think about what kind of evil mind would want to take advantage of a completely innocent soul's desperation to stay alive and to call it recreation ! Notice what the present regime - the Bush monsters - are doing to every person, every animal, place, and thing. Demand that the environment and the helpless be saved !

There should be a Crimes Against Nature tribunal to convict not o nly the o nes of pure evil like the o nes who were responsible for the oil field burnings in Kuwait, but also for anyone who causes destruction of habitat. Witness the sight beyond desolation as the migrating birds - having no knowledge or instinct for alternate routes, flew in desperation and confusion right into the black,oily smoke when the oil was a conflagration of hellish intensity. The lead bird, usually the o nly o ne with knowledge of the route to take to water and safety, would almost always die, leaving the rest to - o nly if they were not killed in-flight - become hopelessly lost and to settle o n the blackened ground, already exhausted, hungry, and now, abandoned forever in the midst of an unearthly landscape of utter ruin.

Those who pillage forests are, for instance, constructing our own doom. 

See Wood Fix.

And why discuss trees and woodsy areas while o n an article about sea birds ? Because we are all related. We all live in the same house, essentially. We all depend very vitally o n every decision and action made by policy-creators and enforcers which affects the ecology which sustains us as well as every other creature. 

The plants sustain the weather, the temperature, the oceans. It's that simple.

The trees more than any other plant, except for the sea plants, which are dying in mass extinctions right this minute.

Global warming has finally been admitted as truth by even the weather channel, and yet minute measures like introducing hybrid cars are nowhere near the emergency changes that will be required if the world is to survive.

Get busy becoming an activist or get ready for total chaos and Ragnarok - the end of time. We want to make you uncomfortable enough to waken out of the stupor of denial that most have taken refuge in. We have to sound rather like the fundamentalists whose desire to create conditions that will lead to the Second Coming will be achieved. They feel entitled to pillage the remains. We feel responsible to effect a planetary cure. Will you join us ?

Some progressive counties have made it mandatory to ask first before felling trees. In Thousand Oaks, California, the trees are seen as important enough to warrant public protection. This should become a routine part of government. Steps like this are necessary in order to save the world, after all. The collective good needs to be the primary consideration - not in the way the Republicans view it - their collective is o nly comprised of monied, land-owning, corporate stock-holders. The collective that needs to rule all socieites today and tomorrow should be made up of environmental-minded, global-thinking people who see that the ground underneath us all is more than threatened - it's in a death-throe ! Shuddering and trying its' best to shake off the parasitic o nslaught of too many human beiings assaulting it at o nce, like a person lost in a jungle and being attacked by a multitude of ants !

Defeat them. Register to vote, and vote for the Democrats - no matter 
what you think of their candidates or their issues. They are at least the 
lesser of two evils, and a vote for the Democrats is a vote for the animals 
and for the lands, the waters, and for the air.

And take your love for nature, for animals, for trees and wild places, and 
act to save them. Go to 
DActivist and help save the world.

To Care is to Act

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