Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles

Urgent MerAlert !

Please visit this
 link and Save Sea Turtles and Whales from driftnets Today!!!

Sea Turtles are so exquisite, so wondrously marvelous as beings that our 
imaginations soar when we watch their mesmerizing swimming styles.

Did you know that sea turtles are the oldest aquatic specie o�n Earth?

That means that sea turtles evolved an extremely long time ago - and - that they, as we who love them know - are very, very intelligent as well as beautiful, graceful, and angelic - watch the way they swim ! Like flying !

There are so many species of them, and of their landed siblings, that we�ll 
be adding more and more info o�n these highly intelligent armored guys of land 
as well as of sea.

They�ve been around for a very lengthy time, and we are all determined 
that we will always have sea turtles, inland turtles, and tortoises, so visit 
the links o�n this page and help to save our turtles today!

There's a huge sea turtles named Robert who lives off the Southern coast of Florida, and who especially loves a lady named Maureen, who's his long-time pal ! She grooms him and swims with him all the time! Sea Turtles are so smart and sweet!