Sea Horses - Entrancing Dancers - Mated Couples For Life

Sea Horses

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Did you know that these enchanting little guys mate for life? That every morning, every dawn, the couples dance together and sing songs with each other? Can you imagine any sweeter or more beautiful or harmless animal in the world?

Perhaps there are no sea beings more delicate or beautiful than sea horses.
They're like fairytales come true!

Not at all really related to horses, their profiles do resemble the gorgeous 
heads of the much larger equines.

They, sea horses, drift daintily along with swaying undersea currents, often 
clinging to frail tendrils of sea plants with their long, curved tails.

Sea horses have the famous trait of being among the best fathers in the animal 
universe, including our own specie and even penguins do not rate as highly 
in the Daddy-field since the male sea horses actually carry the eggs inside 
and give birth - effectively being pregnant and then tending the tiny 

Regal as well as fantastically beautiful, sea horses seem to dwell in a slowish 
fairytale world all their own and their lovely eyes wear a mild expression.

So easy to adore, and yet, so many are cruelly culled in large nets along 
with other helpless beings living in the most splendid seas off exotic islands.

Why bother these exquisite and harmless fish ? because giant chain stores  
like Michael's or Wal-Mart present their dried-up bodies, frozen in 
a freaky facsimile to who they once were in order to sell tacky craft items 
to vacationers or to crafters who want = instead of to prosper and protect 
an already besieged sea and species like sea horses and sea stars and shelled beings to make grotesque little objects in order to decorate ugly 

Decorating with dead bodies reminds only of evil practices, don't you think ?

"A kilogram of dried seahorse fetches about 3,500 pesos (RM243). Live seahorse is sold for just 10 pesos (70 sen) apiece, Mondido said.

Project Seahorse says the global seahorse trade reached about 70 million 
tonnes or about 25 million fish in 2001. The Philippines, along with India, 
Thailand and Vietnam are the largest known exporters.

Accidental catching by trawlers in search of other fish is also a problem. 
The populations of some of the seven known species of seahorse in the Philippines are understood to have fallen by up to 70% in the 10 years to 1995.

All 34 known seahorse species worldwide are now on the Red List of Threatened Animals of the World Conservation Union (IUCN)."

-This is from the SeaHorses Conservation Site, for Project Seahorse.

Substitute the word "human", as in dried up dead bodies, and see how you feel.
This should feel, in fact, exactly the same.
You should feel some horror about this foul trade in innocent lives

That site explains how perilously close we are to losing all seahorses forever.

And as for the purchasing of these dried-up and sad trinkets the noble seahorses have become to our consumer societies, ask yourself what you should do to help.

We find the managers and owners of stores and politely ask them to stop carrying these vile objects.

Creepy and disgusting, we stopped going to those stores, after having registered our complaints that they sell the dead bodies of innocent victims as trivialities by letters to the corporate headquarters

Just as we think we deserve better than to be displayed in our dessicated, 
shriveled, death state, why would anyone but a ghoul or monster want to have the dried-up remains of what was - and could still be if these stores 
would refuse to carry such objects - a beautiful, lively, thriving being, 
the males of whom are the very best fathers in the universe, bar none.

So complain nicely and courteously to the management of any store you see 
carrying these dead bodies and write letters to their corporate headquarters 
too, telling them you'll shop at more compassionate and hip venues from 
now on, and if you'd like a seahorse in your room or on your jewelry 
- put a lovely photo of a live seahorse in his own home, swimming, and 
send your prayers to him and his family and to all seahorses everywhere whenever you look into his eyes. To make a lovely rendition of a seahorse, find a photo, make a copy and cut out a stencil, then get some clay or sculpie and make your own little pendant or charm. You can paint it too!

To save these precious, little magical beings, go Here

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Project Seahorse Site

Sea Horse Facts:

Sea horses and their relatives are fish, but they don't have scales. 
They have bony plates under their skin, like a suit of armor. 

Sea horses can be very tiny. Some are shorter than the length of 
the fingernail on your pinkie! 

Sea horse males, not females, are the o nes that give birth. Some 
males give birth to 1,500 babies at o ne time! During pregnancy, a pair of 
sea horses will "dance" together every day after dawn. 

Sea horses can change colors to camouflage themselves and hide from 
enemies. They can also grow hairlike bits of skin to blend in with leafy surroundings. 

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