Save Baby Infant Seals

Baby Seals

The very essence of Adorableness !

They're sweet, rounded, and fuzzy - big-eyed and precious !

We all adore seals.

It's almost unthinkable that anyone could bring himsefl to do other than love them intrinsically, and yet, we must continue to remind these vile people at the links below that compassion is the only sane response to babies everywhere.
Save Infant Newborn Baby Seals Here.
Please take a moment and save these beautiful, tiny, fuzzy, helpless baby seals.
For ways you can save baby seals go 
here too.

Infant Seal Babies NEED you NOW! Please urge the Canadians to stop this cruel mass murder NOW!
Click To Save Infant Newborn Baby Seals Here. With Just a Click, Please!

Please visit these links and help to save the baby seals from the cruel Canadians who kill them horribly for their fur every year - and vow never, ever to wear fur or to buy from anyone who advertises it, or to befriend anyone who does. And visit Fur Hags to see what ulgy celebs still practice cruelty and boycott their films and the designers who still insist on being ugly and cruel.

More Help Links Below!

Save baby seals here -

Please Call The New Canadian Prime Minister and Save Infant Seals!

Please send your message to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Click 

And here -

and do more to save baby seals here !

Big Seals are Precious Too!
And Sea Lions!
And Sea Elephants!
And Walruses!
We Love Them All!