Precious Pigs


Pigs, if you've ever known any personally, are, besides being individuals 
like all of us, all stellar as pals.

They're intelligent, sensitive, talkative, very communicative, in fact, 
and they know we understand them - that deep intelligence that scientists 
have affirmed is far greater than that of dogs - also tells them that 
we understand.

The tragedy is that so often, as, like us, you'll be at a stoplight 
in the middle of the night, hopefully, when it's not hot, you'll 
idly look next to you and into the beautiful, big eyes of another being just 
like us - yes - pigs are so remarkably similar to us that they 
actually use their hearts in us as replacements after we've abused our 
own bodies by eating, sadly, theirs, - you'll look into a fellow soul, 
into his heart, and you'll realize that he's communicating to 
you that he doesn't belong in that truck.

That there's been a horrible mistake.

That he's asking you to help him! He's speaking and you can tell he's speaking an actual language. If they had the same throat and tongue apperati that you and I do, he'd be able to speak in our language - they're that intelligent - he knows many of our words, as our dogs do, but he knows many more since pigs are so much smarter even than dogs.

The first times this happened to me I already knew that pigs are smart, inquisitive,
fun, talkative, and playful, and also soulful.

I knew they're adorable.

I wish they weren't built the way we've bred them to look now.

Maybe we'd take them more seriously.

Maybe, if they still looked more like their wild cousins, like the majestic 
boars, we'd universally give them more respect.

Instead, they've been bred out of their warm and thick coat and into 
a scarily-similar pink skin that looks human, and into that portly body that 
people joke about.

Actually, pigs do not eat like pigs, in our lingo.

They have a stopping point when they're full, unlike dogs or humans, 
who do actually eat that way.

Of all the animals, except the crated calves and the force-fed geese and 
the chickens with their beaks and feet cut and crammed into tiny cages, - 
of all the other miseries and evil cruelties we've subjected these intelligent 
and kind and interesting beings, these fellow animals to in the name of factory farming in order to feed humans o
n what is poison to them - the pigs have the worst of it.

The mere fact of their huge intelligence makes the dismal, confined, dark, 
boring, and painful lives they lead even more tragic.

And yet, the evil comes back to roost - where? In your body, if you 
eat pigs.

Pigs are so similar to us - haven't you noticed? So similar that 
it's very like cannibalism to eat their bodies.

And the shaking diseases so prevalent in our culture, and the fact that the 
American Blacks, who get certain diseases and get them far more often and 
younger than do whites, and the fact that Blacks eat more pig flesh than other cultures should be a wake-up call.

The smell of their flesh is so foul in the air in certain Southern cities 
that it's almost unbearable. And frankly, it's one of the major reasons more toursts don't visit those areas.

It's the same smell as human flesh and looks the same too.

Why not take a page from the wonderful movie, Babe, and love 
pigs instead of what those ugly television commercials want you to do to them.

Learn more about these friendly symbols of loyalty and happiness from Asian 
Astrology, and get to know one. 

Visit a sanctuary for pigs and other farm animals.

Talk to him or her.

Play, commune in spirit and in mind and then do all you can to help pigs.

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All pigs are as nice and cute and wonderful as Babe. Help them.

And remember - Pigs are people too!

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