Hippos Are Horses Too !



Hippo means horse.
Yes, and the whole meaning of the hippos' long scientific name is river 

Since horses are gifts of the Sea God, and since hippos are not only horses, 
but also water babies - albeit, very big ones! - they're 
a natural for Eco Magazine !

Since long ago, dugongs and manatees were considered to be mermaids and mermen, then, certainly hippos were too, so they find themselves right at home!

Horses are usually either much, much smaller - like our SeaHorses, 
or they're much, much slenderer, like the usual horses we know and adore, 
who run across inland seas of grass, but hippos are remarkable, powerful, 
and very interesting!

Let�s all get to know some hippo facts :



Precious Baby Hippo and His Pal, the Tortoise!

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