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                     Welcome to the MerHorses' HorseSea

Horses are magical beings – in all forms !

And - all horses are MerHorses.

The most beautiful beings ever created or imagined – by far – 
they are also the sweetest, most passionate, most exquisitely sensitive, fun, 
gracious, adoring and adorable, protective, intelligent, playful, brave, heroic, 
and strong of all the great species o n our planet – including ourselves !

I know everyone agrees with us at EcoMagazine's Eco Mermaids about the specialness of all horses.

Mermaids, of course, adore horses of all shapes and types. We mermaids and 
mermen are sea creatures, and, as inhabitants under the realm of the Sea, 
we know that Poseidon himself – the Ancient Sea God, The Merman, and his wife, Amphitrite – the Great Mermaid – bestowed the great gift of the horse to the land, once upon a time.

Although, of course, the original MerHorses still exist, and play with us 
FinFolk under the surface of the seas, most don’t see them – even 
when they revel and toss their lovely heads, riding on the tops of the waves 
as they approach the beaches !

Called by ancient Greeks 'Hippocanthus', the genus of horses has given that 
name today to who we call ‘SeaHorses’ – the tiny fish that 
are graceful and sweet and whose shape reminded early man of horses, too.

I guess they weren’t able to see the larger real MerHorses all around 
them !

We in the MerNation ride on our MerHorses’ backs sometimes - but only when they invite us to, and often we all swim alongside together!

Enjoy the pictures of our MerHorse above, and we’ll be posting more 
soon, so swim back into the MerHorse’s 
soon !

And, we know you adore land horses as much as we do, so please visit MerHorses,
and push some links and help to save them – Horses – as noble 
and strong as they are, need our help to stay alive and to be taken care of.

Also, please go to DActivist and help horses too !

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Hippos are horses too!


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All Horses Are Merhorses

Remember that there are many, many wonderful Mers of all kinds under the sea, so take care of your beaches and oceans - how? Many, many ways!
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