MerDog - The Coolest Dog In The Sea


                                                      Welcome to MerDog’s Sea!

We know there are many actual land dogs who love the sea, and sea sports, 
and just splashing around and loving the water, but did you also know that 
there are actual MerDogs with fish tails? Like the Mers, the Mermaids and 
Mermen, there are also MerDogs that are their companions just like we live 
with our dogs o n land?

Of course, since Mer people are very spiritual, they have not bred or domesticated dogs, and they don’t confine them in fences or force them to do anything.

MerDogs who like to cavort around with Mer people do so because they love 

MerDog welcomes you to his own Sea and wants to tell you of his adventures, so swim back in and let MerDog tell you of his own life under the Great Seas!

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And why are all doggies MerDogs? Because at heart, we're all Mers! Even we who bark a lot!

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