MerCat - The Coolest Cat of All !


Welcome to MerCat’s Sea!

MerCats do exist on land, among our own Cat populations, and especially the 
Viking cats, the red-striped tabbies, who actually like water, and the Great 
Tigers, who absolutely adore water, but MerCats on land are truly rare, overall.

Most cats studiously avoid getting even their paws wet, and it’s comical 
to observe how a cat reacts when he might inadvertently walk through a small puddle of water.

However, MerCats, like Mer people, exist!

Yes, they swim and live and breathe under the Seas, and some of them like 
to pal around with Mer people too!

The Mers don’t keep pets, per se, meaning they only treat the members of other species as friends and equals.

The Mers very wisely understand that all animals have their own ideas about 
what they’d like to do and when, and they always make sure that all 
others are able to swim about freely.

MerCats and Mers do like to play together, though, and often they form deep 
attachments to their Mer people companions, just like o n dry land!

MerCat will share some stories about his own life in the Sea, so swim back 
in often!

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           Visit MerCats!  And why are all our animals here at Ecoize MerAnimals? Because, at
           heart, we're all Mers, even if we're the kind who purrrrr more than go into the merrrrr!
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