MERCATS, Not To Be Confused with Merkats! All Our Mers are Homages to the Fact That We Live On A Primarily Sea Planet! So Our Pets are All Mers With Us, and We're ALL Sea Critters!

Cats are the natural wiry athletes of our world, rivaled only by our close relative, 
the lightest of our primate family, the monkeys.

No wonder we relate to them!

Their agility, their acrobatic grace enthralls and amazes us.

Despite their demure faces, or even in spite of them, the dramatic visage pales 
beside their clownishness, and many times, offends their sense of pride, their 
elegant façade, but this makes them all the more charming!

Collectors of precious treasures, like a bit of string, a crumpled-up piece 
of aluminum foil, or, that most sought-after bedding, a flat newspaper or paper, 
to recline o n, regally, like a Pharoah or the queen of the Nile, their feral 
flavor reminds us of their larger, wild cousins, and their beauty has continued 
down the long line from tiger to tabby, undiluted.

There is no such thing as an unattractive feline.

To watch a black leopard is to see the essence of art deco come alive.

The streamlined shape, the sexy gait, we pattern ourselves after the cat world, 
and, when we see someone who's really hot, we say they are catlike, or lionized, 
or a real tigress or tiger.


On the other hand, there is man's best pal, the twin of our real lives, the 

When we call someone a dog, he is a cad, and a sexually sloppy spreader of seed. 
A real *****, although nowadays a compliment, is still something most of us 
would not allow our own mothers to be called.

Why not? Dogs are graceful, intelligent, brave, stalwart, loyal.

Many things we value.

But their beauty, although admired in such breeds as greyhounds and afghans, 
is of a different sort, through no fault of their own.

Our modern dogs have been selectively bred by us in order to fulfill certain 
duties and perform certain chores. Not having developed along natural lines, 
they range from regal to outright funny in form, from humongous to minute.

Their common ancestors, the wolves, and smaller brethren, the foxes, have retained both their dignity and their immense beauty in the wild.

Dingos and African wild dogs, even jackals, retain an elegance of shape and 

Dogs, then, are cherished by us more for their performances, for their precious 
smiles and sparkling eyes as they grin, open-faced, at us, than for their other 

They fill our hearts.

They warm our beds.

They play with us, protect us, herd our sheep, love us to sleep.

Dogs are simply lovable.

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Horses are without a doubt the most exquisitely beautiful of all the animals 
on our planet. Mythology tells us that the Sea God had give horses to the world 
as a gift. We can see the stamping, raging images of beautiful horses in the 
white surf of all the oceans, still, but no artwork, nothing can approach the 
awesome sight of a real horse, running freely o n an open plain.

Definitely NOT mer-loving, these adorable and cuddly guys love sand and dust, and are desert lovers who crave solitude! So sweet! Easy to love!

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And other wonderful rhodents like rats, mice, gerbils, and rabbits!


Our Better Natures