Lovable Lobsters


Lobsters are very intelligent animals.

They’re quick and lively and beautiful, too.

They feel physically, just as you and I do, and they also feel emotionally.

They’re fellow sentient beings.

They deserve respect and the opportunities to live their own lives, freely, 
and to be left alone in their own habitats – just like we all do.

Please – when you go to restaurants that serve these sweet beings as 
meals, ask them not to.

Especially if they are o n display, alive, bound and in freezing water with 
no food – pleading with their eyes to you for understanding – 
ask the restaurant not to carry them any more.

Eventually, if enough of us protest kindly – and if we avoid cruel restaurants 
– and lobby for more and more vegan dishes to be served – this 
cruel practice will become a part of our barbaric past.

Help this o nly become a bad dream.



Tell everyone you lovelobsters – as fellow beings.

The horrible practice of boiling them alive is so cruel that some of us o n 
the EcoMermaid staff have been traumatized several times by different experiences
– all having to do with the media and so-called entertainers

David Letterman of the late-night program actually laughed and cavalierly 
boiled o ne alive o n his show – o ne of us was stricken as he watched 
– and then he called NBC and protested and wrote letters and still the 
memory is painful.

Of course, none of us would give business to a café or restaurant 
that served lobster – and we boycott the shows of cruel people like 
Letterman. – and their sponsors.

Another girl was watching Oprah o ne day when Maria Shriver was o n – 
she cackled like a harpie as she almost fell off her chair in hilarity over 
the plight of chopped-up and bleeding and terrified lobsters who were trying 
so hard – with their short legs and injuries – to escape the kitchen 
and the cook who did not know the proper way of quickly killing them and had 
hurt them instead. 

I’m sure she lives o n the beach and the poor lobsters could smell the 
ocean – just beyond the door as they were tortured – and as this 
hideously vile woman who was raised with privilege and apparently has no notion 
of compassion was so evil that she thought it was funny. Does she laugh at 
human butchery too? At serial killings? The thought of such people in powerful 
positions of government is scary.

There is a kind way of killing lobsters for those who insist o n eating these 
helpless beings.

By cutting the nerves at the back of their heads – you can find the 
exact way o nline – you can at least avoid the torture of boiling them 

I used to have a friend I thought was cool until o ne day when she 
gigglingly told me how she had cooked a lobster who was screaming and trying 
to get the lid off the pot.

I was horrified I’d even known someone so cruel. Naturally, I ditched 
that person as a pal. Life is too short to have anything to do with heartless 
people.(I’ve since made friends with vegans and animal rescuers – 
the best people I’ve ever met. If you make friends among the compassionate, 
they’re sure to be the best friends you’ll ever have. )

If you have to eat – at least don’t you think you could spare 
the sweet little animal this and find something healthy - some thing like from plant-based foods which are healthy foods, and not someone, like this little fellow  ?

The best thing is to be kind – to eat vegan.


Be kind.

Remember, they're fellow animals, with feelings, plans for their lives, loved o nes, and interests of their own. They're intelligent and interesting, and they have the right, just like us, to be in our world.

Tell everyone you like lobsters, that they're cool, and don't go to restaurants that think that eating your pals is ok. It's cruel, unnecessary, and it's stealing someone's life they love and value just like you do yours.

Stand up for lobsters today!
Be a hero!

Lovable Lobsters