Beautiful Bears

Beautiful Bears


Stephen Colbert’s bearophobia notwithstanding, we all 
adore bears.

So fuzzy and massively huggable !

The best way to love bears is to go to these links and help to save their 

Sign Some Petitions to Help Bears 

The largest mammals of North America, bears are so impressive and awe-inspiring,that even the littlest o nes evoke as much respect as they do smiles.

Bears have long held court as the kings and queens of the woods and mountains, the valleys and lowlands of much of the world, but as human overpopulation explodes, humans invade more and more of bearritories.

Yogi and BooBoo would appreciate it if you’d take a moment to speak 
up for them


So would you oldest pal – your very own Teddy Bear - at home, on your 
bed or stowed in the attic by your mother or even tossed away in a cleaning 
frenzy – we know he or she still rules your heart. All of our first 
loves, our Teddy Bears’ real relatives need your help.

Keep bears in the forests, keep the trees up, keep our wilderness areas pristine and natural for the wildlife – and for us – after all, it’s 
the trees that gauge the possibility of our own survival – no trees, 
no forests equals no oxygen and also equals gigantic storms, fires, and planetary conflagrations o 
n so huge a scale that we’ve o nly just tasted the consequences of our actions.
Just wait and see.

Help to save the bears, their habitat, and you’ll be saving your own 
skin as well.

Bearrrrry good !


Please go here and send an email to help save the bears the Japanese are forcing to live in pits. Help save them !


Do you love bears as much as we do ? We loved our Teddy Bears and still do, and we love all bears! Here is a great site where you can find out more about 
bears and how to help them !


Help All Animals At DActivist