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Everyone loves animals! In fact, if you love people, you love animals, because we are animals too! Just like birds in the sky, beavers in the streams, and alligators in the swamps, just like monkeys in the trees and merkats and hyenas, like fish an lemurs, like walking sticks and orcas, like pigs and flamingoes, chickens and water buffalos, like parrots and ferrets, donkeys and , whales and snails, yes, we are all animals, every ant and elephant o n our planet, we are creatures too. We all have feelings, loves, preferences, all need air and water and food and open, clean spaces in which to live, we all crave freedom and happiness, playtime, and our own families, all have big hearts, interested minds, are very intelligent- yes, even insects are quite brilliant- and we all wish for a comfortable, contented life.The o nly real difference between human apes - yes, we are apes- and all the other members of our animal family, is that we humans alone are able to heal the environment and to make choices which affect the entire planet, and thus, the lives of all our innocent brethren.
Why are they- all the other animals - innocent, while we are not? Precisely because we know that we alone have the responsibility to take care of all our own little brothers and sisters in the world.We alone can care for them, and can speak for them all. They, although they all have advanced language skills and communicate readily with each other, most cannot, in a detailed way, communicate their needs and wishes to us in the exact verbal way we humans speak. They do not have the exact vocal chords we do, which is why, when dogs or other pets speak to us, we can tell what words they're attempting to say to us, though their vocalized languages are very well known to us, they lack the full skills in order to say full sentences or to write their wishes out to us.We very well know what all animals are saying, though the cruelest among us pretend not to hear.It is completely obvious that every animal has feelings - both physical and emotional, just like we do.It is very obvious what they all need.

The bravest among us stand up and speak for the humblest animals among us, and speak out against those who would treat them in less than humane ways.
So, please, join us in speaking up for all the animals ! We at EcoMermaid would like for you to join us as we explore the exciting and fascinating lives of our fellow animal family, and to stand up for them in everything you do !

Also, See MerPets.

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