Lab Fix



To fix is to make right. Rightness mean justice. 
As each moment goes by, the torture and painful, horrifying 
deaths of helpless and innocent animals are occuring at the hands of unseen, 
unmonitored, unscrupulous scientists behind locked and secure doors.

Remember - lab animals NEVER have a good day, or even a good hour, in their 
whole, innocent, lives.

Although many of these animals would ordinarily be under lawful protection, since the most popular dogs used in these evil practices are the most kindly breed of dog, the beagle, and our family members, other great apes, there are many millions of rabbits, tiny guinea pigs and mice, among many other species, at the unmerciless control of these monstrous beings.
The abject immorality of all this is indisputable.
The goals, so they say, are their excuses for such barbarous acts against completely inoffensive and feeling members of our animal family.
The facts are- the more advanced societies, like England, have outlawed animals experimentation. Why? Of course, o n the morality issue, but also o n the scientific. Countless fatal errors- fatal also to the humans o n whom have been used the drugs tested o n other beings - have occurred, since using, testing, o n other species is not at all an accurate way to test drugs for use in humans, and more - because there are better
and infinitely more accurate computer models which the most advanced laboratories now use.


So, why do these more archaic, outdated labs insist o n still using animals for their fiendish experimentation?
Because it is a ruthless and greedy way money is laundered.
What is money laundering? It is a way to get funding, subsudizing, or grants, by proposing, say, a certain theory a scientist would wish to prove, or a certain drug he would like to develop.
Fine, except then he proposes that he needs x number of millions in funding in order to complete this experiment.
On the order for the funds, the business proposal, he will list many expenses, and among them usually is a huge sum for the acquisition, feeding, housing, etc. of helpless animals, in order to use them to test these evil concoctions- often without any comfort drugs or even kind euthanasia offered.

The backers, either not knowing or not caring, simply want to find ways to dispose of their tax write-off money to make a kindly public image and a good showing to the I.R.S.
The lab, being an absolute barricade against outside eyes, is barricaded for two reasons, to prevent industrial espionage by would-be competitors for the product being developed, and mainly, sadly, to prevent anyone of normal moral conscience being able to see how these helpless beings are treated.
The money purported to go into their decent care is then squandered elsewhere, as pils of vivisected and fully still alive, possibly burnt, cut, bleeding, electro-shocked, and very conscious though unable to make a sound bunny rabbits lie bleeding in a stinking, fetid room until they, mercifully, die.
They had had no anaesthesia, no tending for wounds, no helpful treatments at all.
They had had no humane euthanasia.
This is the true, grim, picture in 
almost every lab in America.

Your voice can help to open these secret doors.
Your voice can stop these rapacious killers of innocent life.
Your voice can save their lives and the lives of human beings o n whom these drugs or products will eventually be used, and be dangerous to. Other animals' bodies are very different from ours.

Your buying power can speak to all the cruel product manufacturers of household and beauty products, of even animal feed, and your signatures o n petitions, your emails, and your letters and phone calls will do even more to protect these wrongfully imprisoned innocents from the scientific monsters.

Please use this link and help them today! Be a 
beautiful person. Care. Help.

Horror at worst, unending, unimaginable - and loneliness at best - tedious boredom beyond belief - sadness - wondering why these people are doing this to me!
Can you imagine?
Being sentient, feeling, loving, intelligent as are all animals, and wanting so badly to communicate that he or she just wants to be friends? Just wants to get along? Just wants to be loved?

Remember, a lab animal NEVER has a good day.

Do all you can to help these sweet, innocent, helpless beings just like you and me.



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Pain and Distress in Research Animals

Imagine recovering from abdominal surgery with little or no pain medication. If you were an animal in a laboratory, you wouldn’t need to imagine. Stressful laboratory environments and harmful experiments can make life miserable. As long as animals are being used in experimentation, we will work—with your help—to eliminate their pain and distress.

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