Insects - Adorable, Inventive, and Intelligent

Love Insects

When we ask whose planet it really is,as far as sheer numbers go, the insect world dominates the other animal groups, including our own, the mammals, and sub-group, the primates.

Insects are endlessly fascinating, in their incredibly diverse expressions of designs, temperaments, abilities, and intelligence.

They're our littlest brothers, and they share most of our abilities with us, and they have some we'd give anything to have - others even than flying!

Let's face it. Think back - remember when you were very small? And you spent a lot of time outside, lying in the grass? Just watching the insects come and go in their hurried lives, and we loved all of them too? That's our authentic self - the child in us, and the o ne who loves to love and is still and always will be connected to all the world and to every living being o n it.

We envy the ability to haul colossal loads, to endure hardships and extremes, and even their ability to get along with each other.

Appreciation for the miraculous beings they are is not o nly learning to live 
with them, but learning to love all of our fellow animals, no matter how tiny.

After all, God made all of us - even the bugs! They're cool! They can do amazing things!

Have you ever just watched a little gnat in the kitchen as he goes about looking around? They're very cute! They're curious and like to hang around us.
Flies do too, and they'll buzz around and kind of play with you, if they can tell you're friendly.
We save bees from a pool or the sea whenever we see them, and they are always sweet to us and know we're helping them - they never sting.

We'll take them to a dry area and release them in a safe place, like we do with any insects we find that need help.

You do slow down for butterflies, don't you? They can't move very fast, and they can't see very far, either, so they can't tell if you're coming their way until you're very close, so always brake for butterflies and moths and all other insects too!

When you find a fly has flown inside, what do you do?
We keep a little net for catching flies and moths safely and then we take them outside and release them to freedom!

What about the insects we'd rather keep further away from us?
Not the o nes we adore like pets, like the ladybirds, or the grand butterflies or the entrancing dragonflies, not the adorable beetles or the delicate lacewings, and not the interesting stinkbugs or the enomrous, muscleman-looking water bugs - these we like to look at and we admire.
We're talking now about the common house roaches, ants, and spiders.

We have compassionate, eco, healthy, safe alternatives to take care of them and to kindly ask them to live elsewhere.

Also, o n the Compassionate Pest Control page, we also have tips for kindly and safely making sure mice go elsewhere too.

There are also tips o n how to stay mosquito-free, flea-free, and tick-free, so 
Eco Pest Control next!

Then you can continue to Love Insects - All Insects!

Butterflies - Give Them A Brake

Beautiful Bees

You know all animals are related, don't you? That means we're all alike, from the biggest Blue Whale to the tiniest gnat! Cool, huh?
This is a fascinating piece o n the brain we share with insects -
The Mother of All Brains.

And remember to be kind - always find compassionate solutions to everything in life, and you, all of the people and other animals, and the planet itself will survive.

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The Mother of All Brains

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