Elephants - Huge Hearts

Elephants � Huge Hearts

How can we resist loving them ? Elephants are just the most huggable, sweet, 
adorable darlings o n the planet!

They�re not o nly wise and kind, they�re extremely intelligent.

Like the whales, their size makes it much less easy for them to find places 
where they can have the privacy and the habitat they need just in order to 

We love to see them o n Animal Planet or at the zoo, standing and swinging 
their bodies, swaying with their heavy trunks in a rhythmic dance, gazing 
in the distance at some imagined vista, but think about it � how would 
you like to be so smart, so huge, and so helpless to find the kind of life 
you need for yourself ?

Think about how it feels for huge, hungry elephants who, every day in the 
wild, must worry about finding enough to eat, or more, worry about where they�ll
be compelled to roam in order just to feed themselves � whether or not 
they�ll have a fatal confrontation with either villagers over the plants 
they�ve grown for themselves when the elephants must choose either that 
or to starve, or being hunted by evil poachers !

Think about the zoo-variety � standing there in their small enclosures, 
their souls wanting with all their might to be free, to live in a natural 
way, and being surrounded by noisy little primates � us � who 
shout, jeer � even in glee and love � at them all day long.

Think about how you�d feel if � you were a hapless elephant crammed 
into a circus car o n a train or in a van, forced to perform every day, punished 
severely if you do wrong or make an honest mistake.

Think of the sadness, the listlessness of their beautiful eyes when you see 

Boycott circuses. Never go again.

Instead, write letters and send emails to help the grandest and biggest land 
animal we have in our world.

Pray for them every day.

Enjoy looking at them and vanquish any companions you have who are so vile 
that they�d ridicule or make fun of these beautiful beings.

Decide not to have children � this is the best way you can help the 
elephants � because the entire reason the world is getting too small 
for elephants, whales, for all the other animals except for the humans o n 
earth is beause of human overpopulation.

There are simply far too many humans o n the planet for the planet to sustain 
our lives, let alone the lives of elephants.

If you like, adopt a needy child � there are so many starving right 
this minute, along with the elephants, and far too few so far who are willing 
to notice.

The world is, literally, dying. 

If we who care � really care � and not just say the empty words 
� will decide not to have kids and to take care of the countless o nes 
already dying instead and to encourage others to stay child-free, then � 
while deciding to take good care of all the planet � including going 
vegan, of course � why?

Because the cattle industry accounts for most of the air pollution, water 
pollution, and tree-felling in the world.

The details can be found at peta.org.

If you love elephants � speak up for them too.

Go to these sites and add your voice to these campaigns.







Please go here and stop Cartier Jewelers from putting o n a cruel Elephant Polo match. They are so cruel when training these sweet Elephants! Tell Cartier to STOP!