Chickens - Lion-Hearted, Stately Birds

Chickens - the Lion-Hearted Birds

Everyone has loved a baby chick.
Even if o ne, as a child, had never had the chance to hold a sunshine-colored, fuzzy darling in o ne's hands, we've all fallen in love with them while watching sesame street.
Most don't know the lives these innocent birds are forced to endure by the egg and chicken factory farming companies.
Chickens are not o nly fuzzy and warm, they are among the most brave and protective of animals, making the derisive comment, "you're a chicken!" actually a compliment.
A mother chicken will stay and defend her chicks or eggs to the death, no matter how fierce the predator she faces.
They make excellent pets, and are as entertaining as they are lovable.

If anyone calls you a "chicken", thank him or her politely and explain that chickens are among the most brave beings on Earth.

Please click o n this link and add your voice to those who fight to protect chickens.