Butterflies and Butterflier !

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Butterflies - Give them a Brake!

All butterflies are gloriously beautiful. They're little streaks of brightly-colored magic, flitting around in their own whimsical, haphazard patterns of life, so vibrant in their own vivid dimension, easily transporting us out of our own world, if just for an instant, into their own midst of innocence and joy.
Just glimpsing o ne can lighten any mood.
Our eyes seek after them. Our souls well up at the very sight of them, and they spread radiance wherever they go. The closest thing to pure, animated spirit o n earth, butterflies are among the most cherished symbols of life, joy, and beauty that we have.
It is up to us to see that they remain here, as our closest link to heaven.

One of the greatest treasures of nature is our absolute profusion of gorgeous 
breeds of butterflies ! Annual visitors, it seems that people have come to take 
them for granted, and with many who value a featureless lawn above the lives 
of these beautiful creatures, we may soon lose them, unless we enlighten our 
priorities and help them to survive.

In many places in the world, a butterfly sighting has already become a rare 
event- threatened mainly by our toxic weed-killers and crop pesticides. These 
lovely animals, butterflies, were made for slower times, and their eyesight 
and demeanor are no match for the boxes of metal which assault their ancient 
pathways as they go about their scant lifespans in search of flowers- the very 
essence of innocence and beauty and time-honored emblems of the spirit itself.

Often, butterflies are o nly granted at best two weeks of life o n earth, 
or even much less.

The saddest thing is to see butterflies, unprotected, heading for the highway, 
bouncing along in the sunshine, bobbing from o ne blossom to the next, or 
swirling in their romantic love-trysts high above the ground- so immersed in 
their love-making that they cannot focus at the same time o n dangers surrounding 

I don't advocate the capricious slamming o n of brakes in the midst 
of swift-travelling traffic, of course, but , even just sticking to the speed 
limit would help them immensely.

And why not, when no o ne is riding your tail, brake for butterflies?

And for birds? And all helpless creatures?

Don't we need to take their lives into account as important among our errands, 
our time-tables, our lives?

After all, what quality of life will there be if they become as rare everywhere 
as they already are in some places ?

Butterflies- please give them a break- brake for them, slow down, enjoy seeing 
them, find pleasure in having helped a helpless being stay o n

His or her mission in the short life alloted them - to pollinate flowers, mate 
and lay eggs - eggs far too often which will be lain in fields destined for 
building development.

They are beseiged in all ways, and need our help.

What can we do? Plant gardens which attract butterflies.

Make butterfly houses where they can lay their eggs.

Buy organic produce, use o nly organic gardening methods which will serve 
also to protect your own health and that of our whole planet.you will have

Made a difference in your life and in theirs !

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Butterfly Facts

Mexico and the U.S. Agree to Protect Monarch Butterflies from Loggers Cutting Down Trees

The rangers say they need the weapons to protect the winter nesting grounds of millions of orange and black winged butterflies from armed gangs of illegal loggers in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.

The monarchs are not listed as endangered, but scientists say the deforestation could threaten their existence.

Although a single butterfly can spend its entire life in the United States or Mexico, they are born with the instinct to migrate. Most do � traveling in the millions from Canada to a mountainous area in central Mexico each year to carpet fir trees that provide shelter, an aesthetic and scientific wonder that attracts about 200,000 visitors annually.

�The forest is like a blanket and umbrella to protect the monarchs from the cold winters,� said Lincoln Brower, professor emeritus of zoology at the University of Florida who has been studying the butterflies for nearly 50 years. �If the forest disappears, we could lose o ne of the wonders of nature,�

Last season, 22 million monarchs reached the park, an 80 percent drop from the previous year, prompting the Mexican government to set up the special police force.