Birds ! Enchanting beings !

Blessed with something we can o nly watch in awe � flight, and with divine 
voices, birds need not be jewelled in extravagant plumage � although 
many are � to win our admiration and adoration.

They are also our inspiration.

How lovely it felt to lie in bed this morning, the springtime finally here 
� and to be serenaded by a profusion of different bird songs outside !

I had so missed these little harbingers of joy through the long winter.!

The other day, as I sat under a shade tree in the parking lot of a restaurant 
where I�d taken my take-out salad and bread roll to eat � away 
from the numdane and noisy denizens of the musty caf� � I watched 
as the little birds gathered around the car, hoping for a scrap of bread.

Is it nice to feed them ? I thought about the admonitions at the seaside places 
against feeding the sea birds.

Why ? because it leads them to beg from fishermen, and to get often ensnared 
in hooks.

I never feed any birds near the sea.

They have enough to worry about as it is.

But these little mockingbirds and blackbirds and sparrows seemed to pick at 
the roadside stashes of litter thrown by the throns og a careless population 

I opened the window and spread the bread crumbs � I hadn�t wanted 
to eat the white flour stuff anyway , and I know that next time I go out I 
will keep some healthy Ezekial, sprouted grain bread with me for them � 
and watched, smiling, as the little offspring of both the mockingbird couple 
and the blackbirds came timidly forward.

I then feared that they might get in the way of the idiotic people racing 
through the parking lot � how many close scrapes have others had with 
the drivers of those cars ? � and saw with relief that they were already 
well-trained by their parents in how to fly out of the way.

Of course, this doesn�t apply far too often in life.

We see the hapless wings, still flapping with a sudden wind, of birds killed 
in streets every day.

Why don�t people understand that, like us, some of them are mere children 
? babies? And others are elderly? And some others might not be bright enough 
to move quickly enough, and some may have attention-deficiencies, just like 

All birds are not equal, any more than we ourselves are.

Wouldn�t it be wonderful if everyone would, just in case, take his or 
her foot off the gas for just an instant when a bird begins to fly in front 
of the car ?

It�s the least we can do to help the already beseiged birds.

After all, their trees are being cut down rampantly, and they are struggling 
to survive the proliferation of larger birds like crows, hawks, and eagles 
every day.

I see sky wars between much smaller parent bird couples and big hawks, and 
sometimes have stopped to scream and attempt to scare off the invading predators 
from the little birds� nests.

To see the young kid birds, with their short little tails, and short, brand-new 
wings standing there, outside the car, little heads cocked to o ne side as 
they wondered about the world, about me, about cars, about the scheme of things,
was just a marvelous, even if an everyday, experience, and o ne open to us 

Be kind to birds.

Enjoy them, talk to them, sing with them, whistle, smile.

They communicate !

Ask any bird-caller. Some people can do many bird languages.

Learn o ne, and you�ll be amazed at the conversations you can have while 
in the woods with our little brethren in the trees.

They are the ultimate enchanters !

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