Big Cats

Big Cats

MerCats includes not o nly our snuggly and gorgeous pets and the stray cats 
we�re familiar with � it also includes the grand and wild big 

Starting with the very largest � and a TRUE MerCat, in that he also 
loves water � the Siberian Tiger is the o ne big brother or sister no 
canine wants any cat to call !

Far outweighing even the largest wolf o n the planet, these giant cats roam 
in the Northern Realms of the Asiatic Continent, where they�re, sadly, 
finding it difficult to find enough territory to sustain them. These most 
magnificent giant cats are so beautiful that just looking at o ne can take 
your breath away!

Magically melting into the jungle, the Siberian Tiger�s smaller cousins 
in the Southern parts of Asia, like the Indian Tiger and the even smaller 
Sumatran Tiger, are still great cats, and certainly huge in their own right, 
beautiful, too, and also wishing they had more territory.

Why are these gorgeous felines feeling crowded? Because there are way too 
many humans o n our planet.

Why? Read EcoChildFree and read why and read how to keep human overpopulation 
from ruining the entire world.

Let�s go o n now to Africa, to the lovely leopards! 

Some are spotted cats and some are the splendid black leopards, so sleek and 
sculpted, they are like moving pieces of artwork!

Their somewhat stocky limbs enable them not o nly to be great tree-climbers, 
but to pounce o n the unwary, and to stalk in the grasslands that are their 

Next, the slender Cheetahs!

And, now to the Lions � who live more like canines!

Smaller members of the big cats, ocelots, cervits, and the African wild cat, 
and also the �

South America has the gorgeous Jaguars.

Also, �

Other members of the larger classes of cats are�

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