Beautiful, Fascinating Bees

Beautiful Bees

Do you wonder at those words being strung together?

Ask yourself �why?�

Do we become affected by current media views or those of surrounding family 
and friends who balk at the idea of finding insects interesting or, yes, beautiful ?

Think o n your own.

Learn to notice that beauty has many forms, and that all beings are beautiful.

Insects are fascinating and wondrous as the huge kingdom of beings seen as 
a whole � magical and marvelous in the amazing things they do. Of course, 
they think and feel just like we do. Don�t let anyone try to tell you 

All animals � including insects � feel, think, make choices, love, 
and strive, just like we do. Probably they all even have a spiritual concept 
or feeling of closeness just like we do with our Creator. 

People who are prejudiced against other species of animals, somehow attempting 
to isolate our own animal species as �special� or more able are 
just as wrong as racists. They�re speciesists. They rate their own species 
above all others, for some reason.

Why not agree that all species are wonderful, deserve respect, and kindness?

Think of bees.

We know plenty about them due to the vital role they play and always have 
played in our own agriculture, by pollinating our crops for us.

Also, many love them and keep them as pets, although many also steal the honey 
bees painstakingly make for their own consumption .

We all know about their intelligence, their powers of communication and the 
tribal way they organize their hives � rather like our own societies 
in most ways � and about the queen of each hive who mothers all the 
babies of each nation.

Since there are so many great ways to learn about their habits, let�s 
focus o n how we view bees here.

First of all, many people are afraid of them due to their ability to sting. 
People who don�t panic around them don�t attract stinging behavior 
and giving them the same respect you�d want from them will make them 
peaceful around you. Did you know that beekeepers can walk among millions 
of bees without protection and allow them to walk all over their bodies 
without harm ?

Fear creates an odor that causes other animals to fear an attack from you, 
so the best defense is to learn to trust bees.

I�ve always trusted them and loved them.

They�ve always zoomed around me with as much curiosity and benign curiosity 
that I offer them, in fact, I have rescued many, many bees � many from 
the sea where I believe they�ve either been blown in or they�ve, 
sadly, had to throw themselves into in a frantic attempt to cleanse their 
bodies of some horrible pesticide they�ve encountered.

Often, I�ll take a bee I�m rescuing to fresh water and douse him 
with it to clean him and allow him, I hope, to see and to get his wings clear 
of whatever had bothered him and also the salty sea water.

Then I�ll allow them to dry in a safe place, near a flowering plant.

Often, as I watch, they�ll resume flying and go back to their lives.

It�s a wonderful feeling to know that, due to a small kindness to a 
very small being, the beautiful flowers will be pollinated and the lovely 
hum of that bee will still be heard in gardens.

 How to keep the bees humming ?

Plant flowers they like. Always be organic in your gardening.

Investigate other ways, like essential oils or even ladybugs or lizards in 
your quest to keep your garden pretty.

Avoid pesticides at all cost for the bees and for yourselves. The most toxic 
of all our environmental toxins, pesticides from your local store are lethal 
to you.

And remember how vital bees are to all of us. Did you know that bees and 
their keepers are actually hired by farmers to come and pollinate their fields ? and that we�d have no crops without this valuable service ?

And that, due to the pesticides prevalent today, these bees have to be protected, 
housed, and kept safe not o nly from poisons but from invading species of other 
bees, like the killer bees ? yes, our innocent little honey bees have almost 
been wiped out already.

More dangerous breeds are in their places often, but I�ve found killer 
bees to be friendly to me too. They can tell I will be kind and respectful toward them.

They are very intelligent and insightful about people.

Also, yellow jackets have heroically taken the place in many areas vacated 
by the honey bees.

Be nice to bees, to yellow jackets, and to other wasps and insects and they 
will be nice to you.

Live and let live.

Go organic in every way. 

Research compassionate choices in every thing you do � even in bug control!

A kind, safe, and healthy-for-you solution exists for everything you�d 
like to do, so find the info o n the internet and help make this world a better 
place for bees � and for you !




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