Beautiful Bats

Beautiful Bats

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They are really gorgeous � those adorable little furry bats.

Haven�t you ever really looked at their cute faces?

They�re precious!

Did you know that bats are wonderful at keeping your yard and area mosquito-free?

You didn�t ?

Well, get ready � we�re going to learn to Love Bats!

Of course, most of us already love them!

They�re just so cute!

Don�t let those old movies fool you � bats are marvelous, interesting, 
and harmless to people.

There is o ne variety � way down in South America, in the jungle, in 
remote areas, that does suck blood, but from other animals, like cows in a 
field, and rarely if ever from people.

Even so, the people are ok anyway!

Also, some people think bats have rabies, but they� don�t!

They even prefer the night time, as do many great animals, like us, for instance, 
and they start getting up when twilight comes around.

We all know they like to hang upside down.

And you know that they�re rhodents, like bunny rabbits and guinea pigs, 
and not birds, even though, like another cool rhodent, the flying squirrel 
� the bat flies too, using the skin between his arm and his chest to 
create an awesome wing!

Flying squirrels really don�t fly like bats do, but they glide beautifully.

Bats usually eat fruits from trees, and insects.

They will fly out of their homes, like caves or the attics of buildings where 
they can sleep during the daytime undisturbed, and in a group start flying 
around to catch mosquitoes and other bugs in the air.

Many people have a bat house they bought or made for otheir backyards!

Interesting, those bats � and also, they�re very intelligent.

Read about this wonderful EcoHeroine, Marilyn Murphy,who rescues bats who 
need help and who lets everyone know how great bats are!

And vampires just WISH they were as cool as bats are! A bat coat is great 
for BatMan, though! He�s nice, like bats are!

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