Baby Calves Need Our Help Now


Baby Boys

There is no being sweeter or more beautiful in the world.

I know. I've been close to them. They're gentle and curious and 
bright and very adorable.

When we think of baby calves, we like to think of the little infants nursing 
their Moms, standing o n their precious spindly legs in a gloriously open meadow.

Please Help These Babies Now!

This is where they belong. And then walking among their home herd, ambling among the benign family members and frolicking with other babies in play.

The sad fact is so far from this idyllic scene.

Please help us save these infant calves.

Please ask any restaurant or grocer not to carry veal.

The beautiful baby with the big eyes above is crushed into a crate. He was 
just born when he was discovered to be a boy and put in that box for life. His Sisters will be enslaved as milking cows for their miserable lives, chained o nto hard concrete floors that make their hooves bleed, their udders so hurt and infected all the time, with hard, metal sucking machines attached for their whole lives, and stuck in filthy little stalls.
And yet, he, their little Brother, fares far worse.
He's force-fed only a kind of liquid that makes him continually thirsty. 

These infants cry out for their Mamas constantly and their legs hurt so much 
from not even being given the room to move! Not even to turn around or EVER to get up.

Please remember these babies when you go out to a cafe - tell 
the proprietor, the owner, that you'd like for them to take veal off 
the menu, or applaud them o n their compassion if they do not serve it. Do 
the same with any groceries.

Ask friends. Caterers. Politicians.

Go to these sites and help us free this little angel and all of the babies 
in this hellish prison.

And drink Silk soy milk or Rice milk instead. And use Silk Creamer. It's awesome-tasting. And non-dairy Sour Supreme. And Rice Butter. All these things taste better in their compassionate, non-dairy form.
Your health will benefit. Your looks will improve and you will get slender by being milk and dairy-free.

And you will save these babies.

You see, dairy cows must have babies - these babies - the ones 
they put into crates and torture - to give milk, so, if you drink milk, 
you support veal crates and you are responsible for this cruelty to innocent 

Please go to Veganize and learn how to be healthy, live long, look great, 
and save the lives of beautiful babies.

Thank you.

Rescue a dairy cow and her baby today - at the same time you are rescuing your own body from dangerous substances, which is what dairy products are - buy o nly rice or soy milk and leave her and her baby alone, and you will thrive.

Save Babies Here

Did you know that 40% of America's Hamburgers are from Cow Mommies?
That's right, from the Sweet, Dairy Cows who are slaughtered at age 4, when they should be living to decades!

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Got Milk ?

Save Babies and their Mommies.
Go Vegan.

Save their lives and your own!

Here and Learn More about the Cruelty of Milk and Dairy Foods

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Baby Boys

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