Animals Appreciate Nature - We're All Animals, of Course !

Darling Squeaker Enjoying Being Outside, Enjoying Nature

All Animals Appreciate Nature 

                   Article by Ocean

Did you realize early on that all animals, not just us, appreciate nature?
Have your known any fellow beings or just observed any lately? At how each has his or her own personality, foibles, interests, and moods? 
At how each is intrigued by various times of day, weather patterns reflected in the clouds, or is lulled by the sounds, say,mmmm of the breezes through leafy trees, or of the sea?

Funny what interests all of us at different times , isn't it? The same things of nature do it for me too as always. o ne older sister told me I'd always 'smelled the roses' of life, pondered and appreciated every little miracle, like bugs, froggies, sunsets, trees, butterflies - I still do- I always will.

Last night I caught the last fuscia streams of light o n the 
water at a spot o n a bridge looking out past the stillest freshwater pond 
I've ever seen o nto a white sand strip and beyond, the sea. o ne of our dogs 
we�d rescued was with me. He's almost four, and had undergone an intense 
vet ear treatment at the holistic clinic. 
(See for dog health information, and for help with grief.)

We were both feeling spent and we parked and both admired the 
setting glow as it merged into the deepest violet, swallowing up the fiery 
colors while there was not o ne sound. All the wild animals have gone into 
hibernation or flown away. No insects. No wind. It was like the stillness 
one experiences when snow has fallen, but this time, the white blanket was 
made of sand.

All my pets, all animals, have their own hobbies, as I know you know, and interests as do wild being, and our doggy had never really appreciated a sunset before.

He's been too puppyish and busy doing goal-oriented things 
like surfing or getting us to throw sticks in the water for him. Now, though, 
he seems capable of a few quiet moments and is beginning to notice more and 

One of our rescued cats used to go out onto the veranda and 
sit on the rail every night at that time just before sundown and engorge her 
senses on the spectacular setting of the day, every afternoon. Her passion 
for it was so reflected in her face that none could have found another reason 
for her ecstatic union with the universe and its' glory.

Squeaker Sunning Heself - Enjoying Nature

I've heard others tell about their own cats, dogs, or birds or other family members who also were devoted to certain times of day, seasons, or other fascinating aspects that they studied.

I always find beauty wherever I am, and I always make sure I create the time to have access to nature, to remoteness, to openings into the mind of God and creation. To exclude any of God's other creations, like our fellow family members, the other species of animals, would be arrogantly presumtuous.

Beautiful Rescued Squeaker Enjoying Nature's Fresh Air

I hope all of you do too- and notice how the other animals around 
you also appreciate the wonders of life,whether the birds on the wires above 
you while you are parked at a traffic light, or on the faces of your own beloved 
pets, in this way, as in all others, we animals are all alike!

Expand your mind and allow your heart to open as you observe our fellow members of other species and open yourself to what you really see and feel - yes, we're all very alike in every way!

Celebrate our oneness with All!

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