Farm Fix


This is the reality of what "Farm" life is all about.


The most ordinary meaning of the word, 'fix', is when we are coveying 
the information that something needs to be fixed because it is broken, or 
damaged, or not working right.

FarmFix is dedicated to fixing the horrendous injustices and cruelties which 
are inflicted o n the most helpless and brutalized animals of all - those 
raised and used as food.

Please go 
here now and sign the petition to create a humane law for transporting farm animals. All animals deserve humane treatment.     

Called 'farm animals', these kindly, placid, completely inoffensive 
animals were domesticated long ago, and cannot survive o n their own. 
They have loyally accompanied humans throughout the eons, and had, until relatively 
recently, been treated for the most part, humanely.

Save Babies Here

Got Milk ?

We all love to see the great film, 'Babe', and to imagine that all 
animals raised for food enjoy at least some free years, roaming around a lovely 
farm, free to sniff flowers and to interact with others in their families, 
able to feel the sunshine and breathe fresh air, and we like to think they're 
happy in their lives, even if they will some day meet a grisley end.

Not so. Not since the evil minds of profit-seeking, single-minded and greedy 
people have invented the torture chambers known as factory farms.

The very word, 'factory', is a scary word to use in the idea of a 
lifeform. Lives are not piecemeal assembled, they are not created by man. 
Lives are bestowed by the grace of the miracle of creation, and every o ne 
of us is very directly related to every cow, pig, sheep, horse, and goat in 
the world, share the same feelings, the same fears, the same need for warmpth 
and comfort of our own kind, the same basic requirements of an adequate life 
like safety, good food, space for exercising, for exploring and rest and play 
and fun, fresh, clean water, and a feeling of good will.

They bear their young the same way as we, they are fed from their mother's 
breasts, and they have active, intelligent minds, full of curiosity, whimsy, 
and distinctive and interesting personalities. They enjoy communicating with 
people, and feel o nly kindness toward us. They look to us to lead them, 
to tend them, and they trust us implicitly.

So often, in traveling, I will stop o n a country road and invariably, 
if I see a field with cows in it, I will approach them, and they always come 
to be near me. I talk gently with them, and they interact, and enjoy getting 
stroked around the ears just like dogs do.

This pastoral scene, of cows grazing lazily in the sunshine, is disappearing 

The brutality behind even those who are able still to enjoy a scant year of 
life like this is that for every new birth of a baby boy calf, countless will 
spend the months of their lives contained in a wooden crate, unable to stand, 
to turn around, even to ever scratch themselves. They will be given drugs 
that make them horribly thirsty, and will be deprived forever of water. Why 
do this to a newborn infant? A beautiful, precious life? So that barbarous 
people can eat their whitened flesh.

Save Babies Here

Torturing them this way, as they plea to anyone they see for some relief, 
for some way to stand up, to stretch, to move, makes their flesh paler. This 
is the whole reason for such evil practices.

When they are cruelly murdered and butchered, as with other animals destined 
for someone's table, they are not kindly treated. They are put into hot 
or freezing metal, depending o n the time of year, closed-in truck beds, 
given no water, no food, and hauled over gruelling long distances, crammed 
in so tightly together that their intestines are actually often pushed out 
of the sides of their bodies!

This in order to save time, money, transport costs, whatever.

Their sentience, their feelings, their basic needs, are never considered by 
the people of no conscience who run these industries.

And then, at the slaughterhouse, as they can barely stand after such an ordeal, 
they must stand in fetid holding areas as they hear the terrified screams 
of the others ahead as they are hoisted up by o ne leg, hanging, their 
sheer weight breaking their bones, as the huge, overgrown pounds added to 
their frames by weird hormones are pulled by gravity and they are pulled helplessly 
along until their turn comes to be hit with a stunner o n the head. Too 
often, this stunning blow has been delivered o n the wrong place, as the 
hapless cow or pig or lamb struggles to break free, horrified beyond any nightmare! 
And when this happens, they can actually go past the throat- slashing, if 
even this process is done correctly, and get skinned alive!!!

Please, please join us in making sure that the laws protecting animals from 
such abuses are enforced!


And more, please join us in boycotting the meat 
industry and the milk industry - which also sends its' baby boy calves 
to veal crates, and treats the milk cows horribly.

Please Veganize, and you will be compassionate to all helpless and beautiful 

You yourself will become more beautiful, in your soul as well as in your body.

Your body was meant to be a temple for your spirit, not a graveyard full of 
dead bodies.

Save animals today! Veganize!



Go Here and Save Some Lives with your emails.


And Help Here, with o nly a second and a touch.

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And please visit Pono, the Handsome Hawaiian Steer here.

Along with boycotting any store or restaurant serving veal - which is just infant calves treated cruelly, boycott anyone serving lambs, innocent, infant sheep, and anyone or any place serving or selling pate, which is sweet, precious ducks and geese force-fed and treated so cruelly it's difficult to imagine!!
Use your dollars and your power to change things! Ask - call ahead - before patronizing a restaurant or cafe and especially, ask if they have lobsters and crabs - so cruelly treated!
Patronize o nly restaurants that serve compassionate food - or at the very least, less cruel foods!
Let the o nes who invite you to dinner know you will not attend if they're serving cruel foods!
Invite friends and relatives over or spring for dinners out to Vegan restaurants! Show your friends and relatives how much better Compassionate food tastes! Show them how to prepare Kind foods and how to be healthy! You'll be saving not o nly the innocent,  helpless fellow beings, but also the human beings around you!
Save Lives! Go Vegan!


Visit the Humane Society's Humane Eating Page Here.And to find out all about our loving relatives - other animals - visit here.