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understand them, we'd like to direct you to cool links below, and also, fix can 
mean to heal, to help all animals, including us! Did you know that if you're kind to other animals, you also benefit in many ways?
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Actually, all the other animals are perfect the way they are, in that sense of "fix", except for fixing our own dogs and cats, that is, - and it is o nly us who need fixing.
As the o nly animals who can help all the other species to thrive, let alone to survive, it is up to us to fix the world for them, and also up to us nice o nes to fix the bad humans so that they will be nice to us and to all the rest of the other animals too!

We also have interesting articles and photos and artwork about animals o n these pages.
To get a fix o n facts is a great thing.

To fix the world is the most noble cause there is. Here at AnimalFix we not o nly love animals, we act to take care of them. We use our minds and our talents and some of our time every day to fix the world in which all us animals live. We fix the environment, we fix the politics governing the laws that affect us and other animals, and we extend our love to those animals who are in need by taking actions to protect them.

We're protecting SeaHorses here - The Petition to Save SeaHorses.

Please sign this petition and add your voice to help the lovely SeaHorses around the world.

          And Read this  
 SeaHorse Article.

For Beary Wonderful Ways to help Bears, Click Here   bear .

For Big Help for Elephants, Visit Here 
                                                      Elephants - Huge Hearts

For Manatees, Swim Over Here -Manatees

For Seals, Glide Through Here
 - Seals.

For a Whale of a Time, go here.humpback whale

We have Other Links for Helping Animals Here at DActivist

We like to promote also getting your own pets fixed, 
at which means to get the vet to fix them so they won't have to have babies. The reason is that there are just too many helpless, abandoned, and unwanted dogs and cats in the world, and every time a pet has a litter of kittens or puppies, most of them will never find good homes, and most of them will have to be put to sleep in shelters.
So the very best thing is to make sure we get our pets neutered and spayed, fixed, and to adopt pets from shelters, thereby saving their lives, rather than buying from breeders or pet shops.

At Wildlife Fix we have great info on wildlife, from interesting facts o n the fascinating creatures in our animal family, and o n ways we can safeguard their homes, their lives, and their happiness. on wildlife rescue, and the great people who donate their time, homes, and resources to saving lives.

At Stray Fix, we spotlight volunteer Eco Angels who spend much of their time helping to feed feral cats, dogs, and other animals who are in need, and in finding ways to get them fixed so they can be tamed and find loving homes.

At Lab Fix, we offer ways we can all help to convince the people in charge of companies who do animal lab testing to be kind to the helpless animals, and ways we can make their lives less miserable. And places where you can add your signature to others on petitions to governmental agencies who can make sure these sad, little guys are treated humanely. Best of all, there are links to places where we can lobby, that is voice our opinioins, to manufacturers who use products which have been lab tested o n live animals, and let them know we will not buy their products. There are also lists of compassionate products to buy.

Speaking of compassion, adopting a compasionate lifestyle means to consider the animals who have the least protection and the hardest lives of all, the farm animals used for food. At Farm Fix, we explore the ways which we can all help to make sure their lives are as good as possible, and that they are treated humanely. We can also ask our government officials to make sure that all the laws get made in favor of these helpless and innocent and feeling and wonderful animals, just like us.
To eat flesh is not healthy, and to Healthize is to learn how you can make your own body healthy, vital, energetic, and attractive, while at the same time saving countless lives.
To even think of shooting innocent life as a sport is insane. Go to 
Hunt Fix and see just how demented those people are and see how to protect animals from weirdo humans.

The way to eat compassionately is explored at 
Veganize, with great links to vegan starter kits and vegan recipes too.!

We Are All One
We Are All Alike - All Us Animals.
Did You Know That Humans Are Animals Too?
Isn't That Great!

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