Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue

We live with six rescued dogs- yes, six!

A more joyous, fun, crazy household I could not imagine.

Volunteering for wildlife rescue, which we often carry out o n the water, saving 
seabirds with broken wings, by paddling far out into the kelp beds o n our surfboards, 
has not stopped us from rescuing domestic animals like dogs and cats and birds.

In fact, we also have four cats - all rescues - and two very personable cockatiels 
whom we'd also rescued. o ne, the male, from a bush where he'd been screaming and, upon hacking through the brush, i saw that he was lost and that he'd been surrounded by feral cats. 

Many times, opossums or racoons or tortoises or snakes, for instance,who've been 
unlucky enough to have been tagged by speeding cars come under our wings. All 
too often, all we can offer them is a peaceful place to die.

This, alone, is a wonderful gift to give. Just taking a terrified and injured 
animal out of the line of fire is, to them, and to ourselves, a blessing.

When god places a helpless being in your charge, if you accept this gift, countless 
blessings will come through this act of selfless compassion.

The adventure, the daily feeling of being needed, of the importance of the selfless 
service we render to helpless and needy animals more than makes up for any loss 
of time in our schedules.

And often, just walking the long beaches in search of any beings in need is all 
that is required, sometimes spotting a sea mammal who needs help, and most often, 
a seabird of some type.

Just volunteering to drive injured wildlife is a great help. Wherever we go, we 
call the local wildlife rescue place, and give them our phone number, offering 
to transport injured animals into the hospital. 

This is a great thing for everyone to do, and merely requires that an animal already 
in a box be picked up and taken to where he needs to go.

Meeting other animal rescuers has reassured me that really genuine and warm people 
do exist, even in our crass world.

In my whole life, i have never met more wonderful people, who give of themselves 
and offer their homes, quite often, as sanctuaries for lost and broken beings. 

When we save a pelican, for instance, we take him to o ne of two places, both homes, 
where people living there have decided to offer their homes, their time, their 
love, to otherwise hopeless individuals, and to bathe the oil off them- usually, 
seabirds must be cleaned of the oil spillage which weighs down their wings- to 
groom them, feed them, and allow them the full free use of their pool while they 

Many of them will never be able to use their wings again, even with expert vet 
attention having been donated by kind souls who recompense the doctors.

Donating is another way lovely people make a difference in this world to so many 
wild and domestic animals, caught in some tenuous position as the rampant human 
overpopulation continues to eclipse their scant habitats, or as we carve roads 
into their territories.

As to our own household, we are very happy with our big brood.

Never could we have chosen more loving, more lovely, pets had we tried- but, of 
course, it is cruelty to buy an animal from a pet store, or from someone who has 
bred his dogs, knowing that millions and millions of loving, precious dogs and 
cats are being killed every day in animal shelters- merely because they have no 
home to go to. Yes, we always adopt very needy animals, and making way for them, 
while not always easy, has given me the greatest joy, o n a daily basis, that i 
have ever known.

As a child, we all yearn to have a housefull of pets! This is the most common 
of childhood fantasies.

Usually, parents won't comply with our desires.

As a grown-up, one of the best things is that you can - finally !- have the pets 
you want!

I invite everyone to try it! Volunteer for wildlife rescue, or give some time 
to your local shelter. I promise it will be the greatest joy in your life!