Adorable Otters

Adorable Otters

Otters are among nature's most agile and adorable creations - nimble as those other land and sea creatures - humans! Well, otters have more gifts for living o n the sea and o n land, actually, but they're rather like fuzzy little versions of us sometimes, like sea monkeys!.

Like us, they hold o nto things, have tons of personality, and are so playful 
that they're like snuggly-looking little toys!

Who could not love an otter?

Well - only the very most crass and money-minded people o n earth, that's 

Wouldn't you like to join us in helping to make the world safer for 
these precious fellow animals?

Here are some links to petitions that will help otters, and to more info o n 
these darling and clever acrobats of the waves!

And did you know there are several types of otters? 

And that some even live in fresh water, not salt water?

And that they're so hyper and lively and intense that they're 
sort of like a little dog and a cat combined?

Who do you think they're most closely related to?

They're in the weasel family!