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Ocean, singer and songwriter, producer-mixer, DJ extraordinaire and Vocalist Beyond Compare, She, of the multi-octave haunting voice, has consented to act as our spokesperson, and we are so pleased!

She is not only acclaimed in music, but she also donates time and percentages 
of every CD sale and concert to animal advocacy causes. Ocean also volunteers for animal rescue, and is always interested in ecological and environmental concerns.

A surfer, we think she epitomizes the idea of a real mermaid, since she shares 
a mermaids' concern for the world's oceans and for all of our planet. The fact thatOcean is also a vegan makes her the perfect Hostess for EcoMermaid !

EcoMermaid had searched through many celebrities before deciding to invite Ocean to be our spokesperson, and we are thrilled that she agreed to represent us !

Ocean shares our desire to protect all life, and her compassion has led her 
to stand up for veganism as well.

She exemplifies all we at EcoMermaid would like to publicize and to promote 
- ecological and environmental activism, animal advocacy and volunteering, donating, and absolute compassion.

She shares her home with numerous rescued pets, and she lives by her beliefs.

Visit her site and enjoy her the musical side of this EcoHeroine !


Eco Celebrity Eco Interview with Ocean

By the way, the fact that EcoMermaid celebrates the Sea and Ocean's name
happens to coincide is just happy coincidence! 

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