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Ecoize Philosophy - Our Mission Statement

Ecoize Philosophy

Ecoize.com uses the EcoMermaid as our logo and primary symbol. Why?
Our EcoMermaid stands for our very own planetary home, because the surface of our planet is seventy percent water, is a very young planet, is lovely, fragile, vibrant green and blue, and needs protecting, like a sweet, young mermaid.

Our planet should be named, 'Sea', and our EcoMermaid stands for the Ultimate 
Mermaid herself, our planet.

The Capital E in Eco stands proudly for Ecology, Environment, Everything- the great All, the o­neness of creation, for Energy, and vitality, the Essence of Greenness, and for Evolving into a compassion-based mode, for Emanation of magnetism, grace, magic, and 
mystery. E also stands for Engaging, for Enlisting others to think of ourselves 
as a part of the whole planet, for Everyone, including those innocent beings 
who cannot speak for themselves. For Eternal, Everlasting, which is what the 
color green implies, to make sure all life o n our world continues, nourished, 
replenished, rescued, and restored for the many Eras to come!