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Ecoize Goes Live

We would like to thank all of our staff at Ecoize and EcoMermaid for making our launch wonderful and memorable.
We had an EcoBash ,catered by our own EcoCaterer, and partied till dawn. EcoMermaid introduced its' spokesperson, Ocean, at the EcoCelebration.
Ocean, famous for her voice and her songwriting, as well as for her involvement with animal causes, is also a vegan, and she affirmed that our vegan Mermaid Cuisine was delightful !
We will be sharing vegan recipes at EcoMermaid, and Ocean will share some from her upcoming VeganRecipeBook with us !
All of the staff arrived dressed in an outfit styled as his or her favorite animal, and this created an awesome atmosphere !
Ocean consented to sing a song with the band, and it was ,appropriately,'Siren Song', our favorite song from her debut album, about a mermaid and a sailer. She also sang a wonderful song about animals from an upcoming cd when she was held onstage by our noisy audience, pleading for an encore. It was hauntingly beautiful, and we can't wait for her next CD !
It was a wonderful night, and we wish all of you had been able to attend.
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