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EcoMermaid stands for our beloved planet, our only home, Sea. 

Why do we call her Sea instead of Earth ? Because she's a very young and beautiful and very watery planet, more than 70% water, (and getting wetter all the time due to global warming ), and she needs our help just to survive ! 

The mer people have made unprecedented contact with some of our staff here at EcoMermaid, and asked for us to co-produce sites and artworks and books and stories and more in order to combine together and to save our world ! The world we share not o nly with the mers, but with all our fellow animals, with the plant kingdoms, and with all the elements - each of which is filled with nature spirits too
- was created by God, who loves everything and everyone and who asked us all to take care of His world for Him. ( Or Her or It, depending upon the religion, or Them, for that matter. The details of the Great Spirit concepts don't matter. The fact that all creation emanated from a force we are all humbled by and treate with reverence and awe does. )

Our EcoMermaid logos, and EcoMerman logos stand for the planet. The planet is usually imagined as a female in most mythic traditions, and we're not sexist here ! We honor both sexes, male and female, and see the world as a beautiful blend of the concepts attributed to both, as in the Asian yin-yang idea. Since our planet is seen mainly as a female, we see her huge spirit as a shadow behind everything, wishing for rescue, hoping to be saved. We feel she looks like a combination of every human type, and loves everyone. She's in shadow because her features shouldn't matter or her coloring.
And why do we think of our Planet,Sea, as partly a human type ? Especially since we're not "ists" of any kind - certainly not speciesists since we know that all species were created by the Creator and we know all other animals are precious and deserve to share our planet with us . o­nly because humankind is the o nly species capable of saving the planet and life for all us creatures. We think all other animals are just as beautiful and wonderful !

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More about the Planet, Sea, - She's obviously very young, like a pre-teen or early teenager because we live o n a young planet. Unlike the fearsome mother images some ancient people imagined her - because they had no idea of how vast the oceans and seas really were and because they depended mostly upon the growth of vegetation to survive - so that every year the threat of famine was very real - made them select the attributes of an all-domineering mother nature goddess to attribute their helplessness to and to send their appeals toward. We know that showing the true nature of our planet will help the people who now direct anger and wanting to dominate nature rather than protect will help to save all of life.

We know now how vulnerable she, our planet really is, how fragile, how much she needs our help right now.

Join our MerNation and lets join together with all the good people of all the world and - with the help of the Mers and of all the unseen ones, like nature spirits, and, of course, with the Creator, we have a chance to save ourselves and the Sea Planet.
At the very least, we want to be o n the side of the Angels. Don't you ?

If we are not part of the solution, then we're only a part of the problem, so we choose to protect. Won't you ? Join us today !

So, who are we ? The EcoMermaid staff is a large group of  real live would-be Mermaids and Mermen with input from many Merkids and Merpets, who would like to swim together through the o nline cosmic sea and save the world !

Our aims are simple and just - to create an o nline MermaidSea where every self-proclaimed EcoMermaid, EcoMerman and all Merkids can go to swim around, to expound, to discuss, to email o n campaigns that benefit all the planet, and to shop, play, meet, greet, display artworks, submit articles, and find information o n many fascinating things.

Our MerFamily can find EcoCelebrity news, can update o n EcoArticles, can find MermaidBeauty tips, and the hottest style trends, and our EcoShoppingCenter will debut very soon, along with a list everyone who loves our planet can check for the best eco brands before buying. At our EcoShoppingCenter, you will find everything from eco edibles and eco fashion to eco sports gear to electric cars.

At EcoMermaid and our other sites, right now, you can find eco activism, fairytales and mythic histories, fascinating info o n ecoizing and greenizing, and much more. Beautiful artworks and lovely photos of animals and mermaids adorn EcoMermaid, along with Eco Sea Realms inhabited by our very own mermaid and merman experts in many things, from beauty to health !

So, EcoMermaid offers everything interesting, from political arenas to specific animal agendas. 
You can find funny pictures of animal goofs, and precious drawings of unicorns with hooves ! 
Along with tales about fairies who love finding your tooth !
From recipe books to hot fashion looks !
You can Beautifize, Healthize, Veganize, and Slimmize here !
So come to play and to stay!
We're all about saving the planet, and doing it in the most enjoyable way !
Join our MerFamily today !

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Join our MerNation!

And for more about our Beautiful Planet, Sea, click on the EcoMermaid planet sea!


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